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What documents cover army education?
AR 621-5 Army Continuing Education System, AR 621-108 Military Personnel Requirements for Civilian Education, AR 621- 202 Army Education Incentives and Entitlements
What is AER about?
A non-profit organization with the sole purpose of helping soldiers and there families
What publication covers AER?
AR 930-4
How does AER help?
It provides money through no-interest loans, grants, or a combination of both
Who will AER help?
Active duty, Retired, or Reserve military personnel who are on continuous active duty for more than 30 days It will also help family members of deceased soldiers
What is the slogan of AER?
Helping the Army take care of its own
What does AEREAP stand for?
Army Emergency Relief Educational Assistance Program
What does AEREAP do?
Provides collage education money for unmarried dependents of active duty, retired or deceased Army personnel
What is the PLUS program all about?
Parents Loans for Undergraduate Students is an AER program for parents to borrow money to pay undergraduate college expenses for there dependents
Who is eligible for PLUS?
All Army personnel, active and retired and to sponsors of deceased Army personnel who are United States Citizens or permanent residents of the US
What is TRICARE?
The Defense Department’s worldwide health care program for all service families
What are the three TRICARE options?
Tricare Prime, Tricare Extra, and Tricare standard
What is Tricare standard?
Tricare standard is the former CHAMPUS program. This is the most expensive option. It pays a share of the doctor bill from a non-tricare network civilian health care provider You may have to file your own claim forms Your costs are higher than that of the other TRICARE options
Are in-laws or parents allowed to enroll in TRICARE?
No, Tricare must be active duty, or retired
Where does AER get its money?
Through voluntary, tax-deductible contributions
What is the motto of ACS?
Self help, service and stability
Name six Army programs that are available to military dependents and retired personnel?
What does DEERS stand for?
Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System
What is the purpose of DEERS?
It’s a military program designed to identify eligible military dependents and is used to secure identification cards for them
What steps are taken if a person needs AER assistance?
Complete DA Form 1103 Active duty personnel need their commanding officers signature on part VI of the form, and a copy of your LES. If you must go on emergency travel for a natural disaster, you must see the RED CROSS for assistance. If they cannot assist you they will give you a referral statement for AER.
What are some of the services the RED CROSS provides?
Disaster relief, emergency financial assistance, emergency communication between soldiers and there families, reporting service for emergency leave purposes, counseling for personal and family problems.
What are some of the activities RED CROSS promotes?
Blood donations, CPR courses, first aid classes, and water safety.
How does the RED CROSS program usually help soldiers?
The RED CROSS should be notified if a family member or relative becomes terminally ill or dies The REDCROSS will verify the emergency and contact your company commander so arrangements can be made for emergency leave.
What is the BOSS program?
Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers
What does the BOSS program do?
Plans and provides activities for single soldiers.
What does ACS stand for?
Army Community Service.
What regulation covers ACS?
AR 608-1
What’s the ACS motto?
Self help, service and stability
What does ASAP stand for?
Army Substance Abuse Program.
What regulation covers ASAP?
AR 600-85
Are you flagged who are referred to ASAP?
What does ACES stand for?
Army Continuing Education System
What regulation covers ACES?
AR 621-5
What regulations cover army learning centers?
AR 621-6
What are the goals of ACES?
Develop confident, competent leaders Provide self development for soldiers and adult family members
What does TABE stand for?
Test of Adult Basic Education.
How much of your tuition does the tuition assistance grant pay?
Name three federal financial aid programs available to soldiers through ACES?
Pell Grant, Perkins Loans, Guaranteed Student loan.
What does DANTES stand for?
Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support.
What does Dantes do?
Provides standardized testing free to soldiers. Not free to family members.
What date must you have joined the army after to get the GI bill?
July 1985. It cost 100 a month for the first 12 months.
What does SOC stand for?
Service member opportunity colleges.
What does SOCAD stand for?
Service members Opportunity Colleges Army Degree (AR 621-5).
What is the sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program?
A program that reinforces the army’s commitment to eliminate incidents of sexual assault through a comprehensive policy that centers on awareness and prevention, training and education, victim advocacy, response, reporting, and accountability. AR 600-20
Define sexual assault?
Sexual assault is a crime defined as intentional sexual contact, characterized by the use of force, physical threat or abuse of authority or when the victim does not or cannot consent.
Sexual assault includes what acts?
Rape, Nonconsensual Sodomy (oral or anal sex), Indecent assault (unwanted, inappropriate contact or fondling), or attempts to commit these acts.
Prevention of sexual harassment is whose responsibility?
The Commanders.
More than half of sexual assaults include what?
If someone is sexually assaulted who can they report it to?
Chain of Command, medical treatment facility, MPs/ CID, Chaplains, social Work Services, Family Advocacy, Legal Services
What AR covers the rights of crime victims?
AR 27-10
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