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What type of pain is usually related to an injury, such as recent surgery, trauma, or infection, and ends within an expected time?
\\\'What is the desperate need to have and use a drug for a nonmedical reason?
Psychologic dependence, or addiction
What type of pain is any pain that continues beyond the usual course of an acute injury process?
Chronic pain
What is a state in which the body shows withdrawal symptoms when the drug is stopped or a reversing drug or antagonist is given?
What is the amount of fluid in body tissue?
What is it called when the pupil of the eye constricts or gets smaller?
What is any substance that produces stupor associated with analgesia and specifically refers to opioids, which are used to treat severe pain.
What are narcotics used for treating severe pain called?
What is defined as an unpleasant sensation or emotion that produces or might produce tissue damage?
What is a drug-related problem that is seen when the same amount of drug produces less effect over time?
What are changes in the body or mind, such as nausea or anxiety that occur when a drug is stopped or reduced after regular use?
Withdrawal symptoms
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