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Why was the middle colonies regarded as

"The Best of both worlds"
What hindered the Population growth of New France
Which Gender of people were mostly arrested, jailed, tried and executed?
Women because they were viewed as weaker
Who was Tituba?
What was the controversy over the French Fort Louisbourg?

Where was this?
Who were the Arcadians?

Where were they evicted from?

Where did most of them move to?
What was the great awakening?
Who was George Whitefield?
Who was John Wesley?
Who was Jonathan Edwards?
What was the Pietist Movement?

Where did it start?
Discuss the Stamp Act

Why were Americans so against it?
Who was Patrick Henry OF Virginia?

What was his response and impact to the Stamp Act?

What were

"The Coercive Acts"

Why were they so Unpopular?

What did the Americans call them..?
What was the American name for the "Coercive Acts"
When did American Rev. Started did most American Indians & Slaves held by the American colonist favor the English or the Americans to win?
Why did the English want to arrest John Hancock and Samuel Adams?
What happened beteen the English and the Colonist at both Lexington and Concord?
Which English political scientist greatly influenced Thomas Jeffersonw/ his "Contract Theory" of Gov't?
Discuss what happ. at the Battle of Brooklyn Heights & Battle of long Island?

Who won and who lost?
Who fought in the "Battle of Bunker Hill"

Which city and what side won?

Why was this such an important even?
What brought about the Boston Tea Party?

Discuss it
Discuss the "The shot heard round the world"

Whay was it important?

What city and colony was this?
Discuss "The Olive Branch Petition"

Who wrote it?
Which Colony OFFICIALLY called for "The First Continental Congress"  ??

Where did they meet?
How was the 2nd Continental Congress diff. from the 1st?

Where? Why? What difficulties did they face?
Who was John Dickinson of Philly?

Radical or peace maker?
Who wrote the tract "Common Sense?"

Why was this important?
Who wrote "The American Crisis?"

Why was this important?
Which tract changed the priorities and goals of the American colonist and help the American Revolution?
Who had it better

People in the Colonies? or People in England?

Discuss King George's War
Discuss Novascotia
Fort Louisbourg
Discuss the Arcadians a Cajuns
George Washington sent out to explore by the English,
Discuss French and George Washington

Ashes of the French Fort the town of Pittsburg
How did the Indians end up being the Losers?
The signing of the Constitution
King George the Third

What were his intentions?

How did he feel about the Colonist?
What impact did the War have on England and France?
Who was Lord Greenvale?

What was his purpose?

Was he successful?
Dicuss "The Sugar Act"
Who were the Americans already smugling goods from?
Discuss "The Quartering Act"
Discuss "The Stamp Act"
What was "The Virginia Resolve"
What was the "Stamp Act Congress"
Who was Patrick Henry?

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