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S234 keep the 3P’s off the floor (Penis, Poop, Pee).
Innervation of anal sphincter, urethral sphincter, and causes erection. (pudendal nerve innervates penis and is from spinal cord levels S2-4)  
Innervation of penis: Point (erection), Shoot (emission), Score! (ejaculation).
Parasympathetic, Sympathetic, Somatic motor.
3) Pelvic diaphragm-posterior to anterior: PICOLA
PIriformis, COccygeus, Levator Ani
Order of important structures in femoral triangle: NAVEL
Nerve, Artery, Vein, Empty (nothing), Lymphatics (lateral to medial)
Structures passing tarsal tunnel under flexor retinaculum: Tom, Dick, And Harry
Tibialis posterior tendon, flexor Digatorum longus tendon, posterior tibial Artery and nerve, flexor Hallicus longus tendon.
Order of structures passing deep to extensor retinaculum of foot from medial to lateral: The Himalayas Are Never Dry Places
Tibialis anterior, extensor Hallicus longus, Anterior tibial artery, deep peroneal Nerve, extensor Digatorum longus, Peroneus tertius
Muscles whose tendons attach at medial tibia: SoGT
Satorius, Gracialis, semiTendinosus.
Muscles in gluteal region: P-->GO-GO-->Q
Piriformis, Gemellus superior, Obterator internus, Gemellus inferior, Obturator externus, Quadratus femoris.
Tarsal bones: Curtis Can’t Count Cubes; Never Took Calculus
Cuneiform (1st), Cuneiform (2nd), Cuneiform (3rd), Cuboid, Navicular, Talus, Calcaneus.
The fibuLA is LAteral to tibia.
Path of sperm: SEVEN UP
Seminiferous tubules, Epididymis, Vas deferens, Ejaculatory duct, (Nothing), Urethra, Penis.  
Scrotum layers from superficial to deep: Some Damn Englishman Called It The Testis
Skin, Dartos, External spermatic fascia, Cremaster, Internal spermatic fascia, Tunica vaginalis, Testis.
Sperm duct system progression fro smallest to largest: STaRT DEEP-VD!
ST=seminiferous tubules RT=rete testis DE=ductus efferentes EP=epididymis VD=vas deferens
Water under the bridge.
The ureters (which carry water) are posterior to the ovarian/testicular artery.  Clinically important because a common surgical error is to cut the ureter instead of the ovarian artery when removing a uterus.
Pelvic splanchic: Parasympathetic Sacral splanchic: Sympathetic
pad, dab
palmer-adduct, dorsal-abduct applies to interosseus muscles in foot (and hand)
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