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What is the basic unit of heat in the Metric System?
What is the standard sea level atmospheric pressure expressed in inches of mercury and in pounds per square inch?
29.92 inches of mercury and 14.69 pounds per square inch.
What effect does an increase in the volume of a gas have on its temperature if its pressure remains constant?
As the volume of a gas increases with a constant pressure, the temperature decreases.
What determines the mechanical advantage of an arrangement of ropes and pulleys?
The number of ropes that support the weight.
How much heat energy is in a small calorie?
The amount of heat energy that will raise the temperature of 1 gram of water 1°C.
What is meant by the relative wind with regard to an airfoil?
The direction the wind strikes an airfoil.
What is meant by air density?
The mass of air in a given volume.
Give an example of a first class lever, a second class lever, and a third class lever.
1st: A screwdrived being used to pry the lid from a can of paint
2end: A wheelbarrow
3rd: A hydraulically retracted landing gear.
What is meant by dissymmetry of lift produced by a helicopter rotor?
The difference in lift between the two sides of the rotor disc when the helicopter is in forward flight.  The side with the advancing blade produces greater lift because the forward speed adds to the rotor speed.  The side with the retreating blade produces less lift because the forward speed subtracts from the rotor speed.
What is meant by the density of air?
The weight of a given volume of air.
What effect does the increase in temperature of a confined gas have on its pressure?
When the volume of a gas remains constant, and increase in its temperature increases its pressure.
What is meant by the ground resonance in a helicopter?
Question 11 answers
The destructive vibration that occurs when a helicopter touches down roughly and unevenly.  The shock throws a load into the lead-lag hinges of the rotor blades and causes them to oscillate about this hinge.  If the frequency of this oscillation is the same as the resonate frequency of the fuselage, the enegry will cause the helicopter to strike the ground hard with the opposite skid or wheel.  If corrective action is not taken immediately, groun resonance can destroy the helicopter.
What is meant by the resonant frequency of an aircraft structure?
The frequency that produces the greatest amplitude of vibration in the structure.
Why do most metals expand when they  are heated?
As heat is absorbed, the electrons move faster and expand their orbits in the molecules of the metal.
What are two types of fluids?
Liquid and gaseous
What is meant by a blade stall of a helicopter rotor?
A condition of flight in which the retreating blade is operating at an angle of attack higher than will allow for the air to flow over its upper surface without turbulence.
What is meant by the specific gravity of a fluid?
The ratio of the density of the fluid to the density of pure water.
What damage is likely to occur if an aircraft  reciprocating engine that is designed to use grade 100 fuel is operated with grade 80 fuel?
Detonation will occur, leading to bent connecting rods, burned pistons, and cracked cylinder heads.
What grade of aviation gasoline is dyed blue?
What publication lists the standard hand signals used for directing a taxiing aircraft?
ASA-AMT-G General textbook, pg. 629
What information must be located near the fuel tank filler opening in an aircraft powered by a reciprocating engine?
Question 20 answers
The word "Avgas,"  and the minimum fuel grade
What should be done to a reciprocating engine fuel system if turbine fuel is inadvertently put into the tanks and the engine is run?
The entire fuel system must be drained and flushed with gasoline, the engine given a compression check, and all of the cylinders given a borescope inspection.  The oil must be drained and all of the filters and strainers checked.  After the aircraft is properly fueled, the engine must be given a proper run-up and check.
What kind of knot is used for securing an airplane with a rope?
What documentation is required for a certificated aircraft to legally operate on automotive gasoline?
There must be a Supplemental Type Certificate for the aircraft to operate on automotive gasoline.
What special precautions should be taken when towing an aircraft that is equipped with a steerable nose wheel?
Be sure that the nose wheel does not try to turn past its stops. Some aircraft require the torsion links on the nose wheel strut to be disconnected when towing.
When should an aircraft be re-weighed?
After an extensive repair or alteration that could change its weight or center of gravity
What is meant by permanent ballast for an aircraft?
Weight that is permanently installed in an aircraft to bring the empty weight center of gravity into allowable limits.
What is meant by the center of gravity range?
The distance in inches between the forward allowable center of gravity and the rearward allowable center of gravity.
Why are the distances of all the items installed in an aircraft measured from the datum when computing weight and balance?
This makes it possible to find the point about which the aircraft would balance (the center of gravity).
What must be done to find the empty weight of an aircraft if it has been weighed with fuel in its tanks?
The weight of the fuel and its moments must be subtracted from the weight and moment of the aircraft as it was weighed.
What is meant by a moment index?
A moment divided by a constant such as 10, 100, or 1,000.
Which has the more critical center of gravity range, an airplane, or a helicopter?
Question 31 answers
A helicopter
Describe the way you could find the empty weight  and empty weight center of gravity of an airplane if there are no weight and balance records available.
The aircraft is weighed, and the empty weight center of gravity is computed.  These values are recorded in new weight and balance records started for the aircraft.
How can you distinduish an AN fluid line fitting from an AC fitting?
The AN fitting has a shoulder between the end of the flare coneand the first thread.  The threads of an AC fitting extend all the way to the flare cone.
Of what material are most low pressure rigid fluid lines made?
1100-1/2 hard or 3003-1/2 hard aluminum alloy tubing.
How  tight should an MS flareless fitting be tightened?
Tighten the fitting by hand until it is snug, and then turn it with a wrench for 1/6-turn to 1/3-turn.  Never turn it more then 1/3 turn with a wrench.
What is the principal advantage of Teflon hose for use in an aircraft hydraulic system?
Teflon hose retains its strength under conditions of high temperature.
What is the function of the lay line (the identification stripe) that runs the length of a flexible hose?
To show the mechanic whether or not the line was twisted when it was installed.  The line should be straight, not spiraled.
What kind of rigid tubing can be flared with a double flare?
5052-O and 6061-T aluminum alloy tubing in sizes from 1/8-inch to 3/8-inch OD
Of what material should rigid fluid lines be made that carry high-pressure  (3,000 psi or greater) hydraulic fluid?
Annealed or 1/4-hard corrosion-resistant steel.
What damage can be caused by overtightening an MS flareless fitting?
Overtightening drives the cutting edge of the sleeve deep into the tube and weakens it.
How may rust be removed from a highly stressed metal part?
By glass bead blasting, by careful polishing with mild abrasive paper, or by using fine buffing compound on a cloth buffing wheel.
What type of device is used to remove surface corrosion from a piece of magnesium alloy?
A stiff hog-bristle brush.
What must be done to a piece of aluminum alloy to remove surface corrosion and to treat the metal to prevent further corrosion?
Remove the corrosion residue with a bristle brush or a nylon scrubber.  Neutralize the surface with chromic acid or with some type of conversion coating.  Protect the surface from further corrosion with a coat of paint.
Where is fretting corrosion most likely to occur on an aircraft?
In a location where there is a slight amount of relative movement between two components, and no way for the corrosive residue to be removed as it forms.
What is used to clean transparent plastic windshields and windows of an aircraft?
Mild soap and lots of clean water.
Where is intergranular corrosion most likely to occur on an aircraft?
Along the grain boundaries of aluminum alloys that have been improperly heat-treated.  Extruded aluminum alloy is susceptible to intergranular corrision.
What can be used to repair the anodized surface of an aluminum alloy part?
A chemical conversion coating such as Alodine.
What is used to neutralize the electrolyte from a nickel-cadmium battery that has been spilled on an aircraft structure?
Question 48 answers
A solution of boric acid and water, or vinegar.
What is meant by matter?
Anything that occupies space and has weight.
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