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_________ is the act of directing, overseeing or controlling the activites and behavior of employees who are assigned to a particular _________.
_____ Act of controllling, monitoring, or directing a project, program, situation or organization through the use of authority, discipline, or persuasion
______ Act of controlling, directing, conducting, guiding, and administering through the use of personal behavioral traits or personality characteristics that motivate employees to the successful completion of an organizations goals.
What are the 3 basic leadership styles
  • Autocratic -tells workers what to do and how to do it. Good for emergencies.
  • Democratic - Includes workers in the decision process. least amount of supervision. knowledge is more important than rank.
  • Laissez-Faire  -- leader allows workers to make all the decisions and does not supervise. OK for routine station tasks
What are the 3 things to consider when deciding what type of leadership to use?
  • How good is the relationship between the boss and worker
  • Is the task structured or unstructured
  • Is the leader working from a position of strong or weak power.
This style of leadership was developed in the 1950s and says there is no single best leadership style
It is called the "contingency leadership theory."
There are 4 "Contemporary Leadership Styles" What are they?
  • Charismatic-inspires people to follow
  • Transformational - gets people to follow the change process
  • Transactional -  provides rewards
  • Symbolic -  viewed as infallible.
McGregor Theory X and Theory Y what are they
Theory X -  The avg worker is lazy, dislikes work and will avoid it. They must be coerced to preform by threats. They want to be closely watched and shun responsibility. Only a small part of the wrokers intelligence is harnessed. 

Theory Y -  Worker dont dislike work. They work fine without coercion. They will support organizational goals with their personal goals. Seek responsibility.
Theory Z leadership is described as
  • Focuses on the people
  • workers remain with for life
  • close relationship between work and social life
  • worker goal is to produce econ success
  • Participative approach to decision making
Problems with Theory Z leadership?
  • Resistive to change
  • If workers dont exhibit total unity and commitment to organization  then it fails.
Situational Leadership --

Depending on the situation the leader will "Tell, Sell, Consult or Share ideas, decision, etc.
Situational Leadership

PATH-GOAL THEORY has 4 styles, what are they?
1) Directive -gives orders ie haz mat
2) Supportive - show concern BC not taking command
3) Participative-  Leader ask for suggestions
4) Achievement-oriented -sets high goals and expects high performance.
What is Results Based Leadership Theory???
That leadership should not be judge on traits alone but by the results those traits have on the success of the organization.
Jim Collins wrote the book called Good to Great and there 5 levels of leaders, what are they?
Level 1 leader -  Highly capable individual
Level 2 - Contributing team member
Level 3 - Competent Manager
Level 4 - Effective leader
Level 5 -  Executive
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