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What is surfactant composed of?
What does surfactant do?
Decreases surface tension (otherwise end up with diffuse attelectasis)
2 indications for surfactant replacement therapy?
Rescue therapy
Prophylactic therapy
When is prophylactic therapy used?
Given to any neonate under 32 weeks gestation
Or less than 1300 grams
When are surfactant replacement doses given with prophylactic therapy?
1st dose given in first 15 minutes of life; next does in 6-8 hours
What is the prophylactic therapy used for?
Used for RDS, BPD, MAS (meconium aspiration syndrome); congenital diaphragmatic hernia
What is congenital diaphragmatic hernia?
Diaphragm doesn't develop completely and abdominal contents moves into the thoracic cavity; no room for lungs to develop
When is rescue surfactant replacement therapy given?
Wait until several hours to give after birth
Patient already has signs/symptoms of RDS
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