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Accessory Gearbox
N1 Gas Producer  (STOFF)

Starter/Generator (right rear)
Tach Generator (right front)
Oil Pump (inside)
Fuel Pump (C20 center rear, C30 under fuel control)
Fuel Control Throttle (right rear)
N2 Power Turbine (PTTO)

Power Turbine Governor (left rear)
Tach Generator (left front)
Torque Meter/Oil Pump (TMOP) (inside)
Output Shaft (tail rotor & transmission)
Transmission Accessories
Trans Oil Pump >
Hyd Pump >
Rotor Tach/Gen
(Trans oil cooler on top trans)
L Series
Transmission Accessories
L Series
Trans Oil Pump >
Rotor Tach/Gen >
Hyd Pump
(trans oil cooler collocated with engine cooler)
Rotor Hub
Semi-Rigid, under-slung hub with a feathering axis
How many chip detectors and where
6 Total
2 Engine- upper & lower
3 Transmission- upper, lower, & freewheeling unit
1 Tail Rotor Gearbox
Max downward force on blade tip
Max distance down
206 B - 100 lbs, 24 in
206 L - 90 lbs, 34 in
Rotor Diameter
206 B - 33.33 ft
206 L - 37 ft
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