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The formula weight of ammonium sulfate ((NH4)2SO4), rounded to the nearest integer, is ____amu.
There are ______ atoms of oxygen are in 300 molecules of CH3CO2H.
Which on of the following substances is the product of this combination reaction?
Al (s) + I2 (s) → __________.
How many grams of sodium carbonate contain 1.773 X 1017 carbon atoms?
3.121 X 10-5
Calculate the percentage by mass of lead in Pb(NO3)2.
A sample of CH2F2 with a mass of 19 g contains _____ atoms of F.
4.4 X 1023
How many atoms of nitrogen are in 10 g of NH4NO3?
1.5 X 1023
The total number of atoms in 0.111 mol Fe(CO)3(PH3)2 is ______?
1.00 X 1024
What is the mass in grams of 9.76 X 1012 atoms of naturally occurring sodium?
3.73 X 10-10
The molecular weight of the acetic acid (CH3CO2H), rounded to the nearest integer, is ______amu.
The reaction used to inflate automobile airbags _______.
is a decomposition reaction
How many oxygen atoms are contained in 2.74 g of Al2(SO4)3?
5.79 X 1022
There are ____oxygen atoms in 30 molecules of C20H42S3O2
Automotive air bags inflate when sodium azide decomposes explosively to its constituent elemnts:
2NaN3 (s) → 2Na (s) + 3N2 (g)
How many moles of N2 are produced by the deomposition of 2.88 mol of sodium azide?
A Nitrogen oxide is 63.65% by mass nitrogen. The molecular formula could be _____.
A sulfur oxide is 50.0% by mass sulfur. this molecular formula could be ______.
either SO2 or S2O4
The mass % of C in methane (CH4) is _______.
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