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In what phase(s) of meiosis does the nuclear envelope breakdown?
Prophase I & II
During which phase(s) of meiosis do homologus chromosomes break apart?
Anaphase I
In what phase of meiosis do sister chromatids break apart?
Anaphase II
In what phase(s) do microtubules attach to the kinetochore?
Metaphase I & II
What is a locus?
A gene''s specific position in a chromosome.
During which phase(s) of meiosis does the spindle apparatus appear?
Prophase II
Name the phases of meiosis in order from beginning to end.

  • Interphase

  • Prophase I

  • Metaphase I

  • Anaphase I

  • Telophase I / Cytokinesis

  • Prophase II

  • Metaphase II

  • Anaphase II

  • Telophase II / Cytokinesis

How many cells are formed in meiosis, and what type are they?
Four haploid cells are formed in meiosis.
What does mitosis result in?
In two daughter cells with same number of chromosomes as parent cells
What is crossing over?
An exchange of corresponding segments between two homologues
What is a chiasma?
Site of crossing over between two homologues.
Where does crossing over occur?
It occurs between chromatids within tetrads as homologues pair up during synapsis.
What is Apoptosis?
The death of cells that occurs as a normal and controlled part of an organism''s growth or development
What problem does cancer cause?
It keeps cells from carrying out apoptosis.
What is necrosis, and how does it happen?
It is cell death due to unintnedned events such as damage, poisons, starvation, hypoxia, ATP depletion.
What is a synonym for autosome?
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