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"What was the Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine?"
"Roosevelt's change that allowed the U.S. to intervene in the future of Latin American finances"
"Why did TR win the Nobel Peace Prize?"
"His efforts to avoid war"
"What was the purpose of the Cruise of the Great White Fleet?"
"To show the size and strngth of the Navy"
"The central idea of Progressivism was 'to use the __ as an agency of ___.'"
"Government; welfare"
"Jacob A. Riis gained national recognition when; in 1890; he published his book entitled __ ."
"How the Other Half Lives"
"Ida M. Tarbell was a woman journalist who attacked the __ ."
"Standard Oil Company"
"According to David G. Phillips; 75 of the 90 U.S. Senators in 1906 represented NOT the people but the __ and the __ ."
"Railroads and the trusts"
"What is a 'muckraker'?"
"Someone who digs up dirt on corrupt businesses"
"What is an 'Australian ballot'? [It's in there; you just might have to think a little bit.]"
"Bribing someone to vote a certain way"
"List 4 political reforms sought by Progressives."
"Direction election of U.S. senators; women's suffrage; seperating senators from big businesses; and taking politics out of municipal administrations"
"List 4 Progressive Era reforms on the municipal or state level."
"Removal of 'slum lords'; juvenile deliquency; wide-open prostition; and the sale of franchises for street cars"
"What were the 3 C's of the Square Deal?"
"Control of Corporations; consumer protection; and conservation of natural resources"
"What was new and different about TR's response to the 1902 Pennsylvania coal miners' strike?"
"He ordered the company to dissolve"
"The Elkins Act and the Hepburn Act were both intended to restrict what?"
"Railway corruption"
"Your textbook ways that TR's real purpose in trust-busting was symbolic. In what way?"
"He wanted to have an image created from his actions"
"Who 'aimed for the nation's heart; but hit its stomach'? In what way did he do this?"
"Upton Sinclair recealed the dirtier side of the food processors"
"What 2 consumer protection laws were prompted by The Jungle?"
"The Meat Inspection and; the Food and Drug act"
"According to your book; what 'may have been Roosevelt's most enduring tangible achievement'?"
"Removing the trust"
"Who are/were the 'malefactors of great wealth'?"
"Someone who engineered the monetary crisis to force the government to ease off of the trusts"
"What did TR do shortly after the 1908 Election?"
"Left to go on safari"
"'You must always remember that the president is about __ .'"
"What were the 2 sides of Taft's 'dollar diplomacy'?"
"Strengthening the American defences and foreign policies while bringing prosperity to the homeland"
"Taft brought __ suits against the trusts during his 4 years in office; as compared with some __ for Roosevelt in 7% years."
"90; 44"
"List 3 things that Taft did that split the Gap."
"Pressed an anti-trust suit againsth the U.S. Steel Corp.; signing the Payne-Aldrich bill; and his dismissal of Pinchot"
"Which party gained seats in the 1910 congressional election?"
"Who was the original presidential candidate of the National Progressive Republican League in 1912 and who replaced him?"
"La Follette; Roosevelt"
"Who eventually got the nod as the Republican presidential candidate in 1912?"
"William Taft"
"Before entering politics; Woodrow Wilson was the President of __ ."
"Princeton University"
"His first elective office was ____"
"Governor of New Jersey"
"National Progressive Party = ____ Party"
"'Dangerous egotist' and 'demagogue' = __"
"'Fathead' with the brain of a 'guinea pig' = __"
"How did TR's and Wilson's political and economic philosophies differ?"
"TR was far more lenient; and Wilson was far more stubborn."
"What happened to TR when he was campaigning in Milwaukee?"
"He was shot in the chest; He luckily survived"
"What happened to William H. Taft in 1921?"
"He became chief justice of the Supreme Court"
"Wilson was born halfway between the __ and the __ ' and never got away from either."
"The Bible and the dictionary"
"Because of his strong sense of moral righteousness; Wilson often had a difficult time doing what?"
"What was 'the triple wall of privilege'?"
"The tariffs; the banks; and the trusts"
"How was Wilson's 151 State of the Union Address different than any previous presidential message to Congress?"
"He appeared in person to read the address"
"What 2 things did the Underwood Tariff Bill do?"
"It reduced import fees and it allowed Congress to enact income tax"
"List 2 powers of the Federal Reserve Board."
"To search industries involved with interstate commerce and to root out and crush unfair business practices"
"Why did Samuel Gompers refer to the Clayton Anti-Trust Act as the Magna Carta of labor?"
"It lifted manual labor out of the category of �a commodity of commerce�."
"Who was the prominent reformer that Wilson appointed to the Supreme Court in 1916?"
"Louis D. Brandeis"
"As progressive as Wilson was; his progressivism did not include reforms to help what group?"
"What did the Jones Act of 1916 do?"
"It granted the Philippines a territorial status"
"Why did the U.S. seize the Mexican port city of Vera cruz in 1914?"
"To eliminate Poncho Villa"
"Who are the ABC Powers and what do they have to do with anything in this chapter?"
"Argentina; Brazil; and Chile. They offered mediation between Wilson and Huerta"
"Why was 'Black Jack' Pershinq sent into Mexico?"
"To break-up some bandit bands"
"Give 3 reasons why most Americans were anti-German right from the beginning of WWI."
"The Allies told the States tales of Germanic bestiality; Germany�s ruthless strike at Belgium; and plans found for industrial sabotage"
"What 2 things prevented Germany from trading with the U.S.?"
"England�s hold on the Atlantic; and America�s unwillingness to trade"
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