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A common field is a field that is defined as a primary key in one table and is defined as a foreign key in a second table.

When defining a field, the field ____ determines how much physical storage space the field requires. Answer Question 4 answers

The ____ data type allows field values containing letters, digits, spaces, and special characters; it is used for long comments and explanations.
You can import a table from another Access database into your current database using the Import button on the Ribbon.
What data type has a field size of 1 to 65,535 characters (although the exact size is determined by the entry), and allows field values containing letters, digits, spaces, and special characters? It is also used for long comments and explanations.
The ____ determines what field values are allowed and what other properties the field will have.
data type

If a table is defined with a primary key, Access will require you to enter a value for the key when adding a record in a process known as ____. Answer Question 9 answers
entity integrity

The maximum size of a Text data type is ___ characters.
Although you can reorder fields in Datasheet view by dragging a field’s column heading
to a new location, doing so rearranges only the displayof the table’s fields; the table
structure is not changed.
he name that you use to save a table must be ____________________ within the database.

You need to connect one table to another in related fields. Use a _____.
common field
If you want to change the width of fields, you need to work in ____________________ view
You can select multiple fields to make up a primary key by holding down the ____ key and clicking the row selectors for the desired fields.

If no entry is the same as another, you are in a _____ Question 16 answers
primary key
Using the Number data type for the field of Country Population in a database, with characteristics of the lowest data value starting at over 1 million and the highest at 2 billion, set the Field Size Property to _____.
long integer

The final step in the creation of a table is to save the table ____ to disk.
For unique Employee IDs such as 34A78C, use the _____ data type.
A primary key ____.
uniquely identifies each record in a table
The symbol / is used as a(n) _____.
date separator

When working with date values, you can click the ________ button to select a date from an interactive calendar.
To get started importing the structure of another table, which tab must be active on the Ribbon?
external data
A Text field has a default field size of how many characters?

_____ data is the process that allows you to copy the data from one source without having to open the source file.
To import data from an Excel worksheet, the columns in the Excel worksheet don't have to match the names and data types of the fields in the Access table.

Use _____ view to move a field.
Data redundancy occurs when you store the same data in more than one place.

The Relationships window illustrates the relationships among a database's tables.

A primary key that is made up of more than one field is called a _____ key.
Which of the following is the "one" in a one-to-many relationship?
When defining a table, you enter values for the Field Name, Data type, and Description field properties in the _____.
table design grid

_____ view provides an easy way to enter data into a table.

When you _____ a table from one Access database to another, you can later modify the table. Answer Question 23 answers
Which group on the Datasheet tab allows you to modify some formatting for certain field types?
data type and formatting
A(n) ______ text file is one in which the fields of data are separated by a character such as a comma or a tab.
n a relational database, you want to avoid redundancy with the exception of the _____ fields, which are necessary to form relationships between tables.
When the sort field is ____________________, records with the same sort field value are grouped together, but they are not in a specific order within the group.
non unique
What aggregate function supports both the Currency data type as well as the Yes/No data type?
Multiple selection conditions can be specified in a query by using relational operators.
You can use arithmetic operators (+ - * /) or other specialized operators in a numeric expression.
When you specify a sort using two or more nonadjacent sort fields, you must specify the sort fields in ____________________ view.
Generalized queries that specify fields and records to be selected are called ____ queries.
Statistical information, such as totals and averages, can be calculated in a query by using a(n) ____.
agregate function
To use the sort buttons on the toolbar to sort a query with multiple sort keys, the sort keys must be ____.
The AutoNumber, Currency, Date/Time, Memo, Number, OLE Object, Text, and Yes/No data types all support the Max aggregate function.
Calculations can be performed in a query by defining a(n) ____.

You can tell Access which records are to be selected by specifying a(n) ____.
Aggregate functions perform arithmetic and statistical operations on selected records.
To see the results of a query, you must ____ it.
The Maximum function determines ____.
the highest field value for the selected records
The Filter By Selection technique changes your datasheet to display empty fields.
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