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The organism
intracelluar; Gram (-)
Where can you get it?
mucous membrane of eye, resp tract, GU tract
Reticulate Body (grows and divides) & Elementary Body (infectious form)
look for inclusion bodies
C. trachomatis
causes trachoma, conjunctivitis, STD
True or False: C. trachomatis has glycogen in inclusion bodies
C. psittaci
causes psittacosis in humans; comes from birds
True or False: C. psittaci has glycogen in inclusion bodies
False; it does not
True or False: C. pneumoniae has glycogen in inclusion bodies
Lymphogranuloma venereum
STD mainly, but can cause conjunctivitis
Which bacteria have ROUND elementary bodies?
C. trachomatis & C. psittaci
Which bacteria have PEAR-SHAPED elementary bodies?
C. pneumoniae
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