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Name the structures passing each of the following foramens of the Cranial Base named in the note card:
Foramina of Cribriform Plate
Olfactory Nerve Bundles
Optical Canal
1. Optic N (II)
2. Ophthalmic Artery
Superior Orbital Fissure
1. Oculomotor Nerve (III) 2. Trochlear Nerve (IV) 3. Ophthalmic Nerve (V1) 4. Abducent Nerve (VI) 5. Superior Ophthalmic Vein
Slide 9 What are the 3 branches of the ophthalmic nerve that pass through the superior optical fissure ?
1. Lacrimal branch 2. Frontal branch 3. Nasociliary branch
Foramen Rotundum
Maxillary Nerve (V2)
Foramen Ovale
1) Mandibular Nerve (V3) 2) Accessory Meningeal Artery 3) Lesser Petrosal Nerve* *(occasionally)
Foramen Spinosum
1) Mandibular Nerve a. Meningeal branch 2) Middle Meningeal Artery 3) Middle Meningeal Vein
Foramen Lacerum
Nothing major passes through here
Carotid Canal
1. Internal Carotid Nerve Plexus
2. Internal Carotid Artery
Internal Acoustic Meatus
1. Facial Nerve (VII)
2. Vesitbulocochlear N (VIII)
3. Labyrinthine Artery
Jugular Foramen
1) Glossopharyngeal Nerve (IX) 2) Vagus Nerve (X) 3) Accessory Nerve (XI) 4) Posterior Meningeal Artery Inferior petrosal sinus Sigmoid sinus
Hypoglossal Canal
Hypoglossal Nerve (XII)
Foramen Magnum
1) Medulla Oblongata 2) Meninges 3) Spinal Roots of Accessory Nerves 4) Vetebral Arteries 5) Meningeal branches of vertebral arteries
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