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What is the Operations Specifications
RLC's contract with the FAA, what we are going to do.
Operations and Maintenance
Documents Required on Board
OpsMan 5.3J
1. Airworthiness Certificate
2. Registration Certificate
3. Radio/Equipment handbooks
4. Flight Manual w/W&B
5. Aircraft Checklists
6. Passenger Briefing Cards
7. Maintenance Logbook
8. Minimum Equipment List
9. Emergency Responce Guide
10. HazMat Quick Referance Guide
Equipment Required on Board
OpsMan 22.7
1. Altimiter, adjustable
2. Fire Extinguisher
3. First Aid Kit
4. ELT (EPIRB if req by cust)
5. Survival Equipment
6. Sufficient Cargo Tie Down
Required in Pilots Possession
OpsMan 22.8
1. Pilots Certificate
2. Medical Certificate
3. Photo ID
4. Charts for the flight
5. Flashlight
6. Operations Manual
Can the pilot sign off daily inspections?
Yes, 3 consecutive days. 
Days that you do not fly do not count
Can be extended 2 days past 3rd daily due to weather
Ops Man 22.10
Inadvertent IMC
Inadvertent IMC
Level flight with min loss of Altitude


Level Half-standard rate turn to VMC
Min Airspeed 70 kts

If not possible:
CLIMB, CALL(declare emergency), COMPLY
Ops Man 22.19
What must be done after cleaning a chip detector?
Leak check then penalty run.
-30 min for engine
-1 hour for transmission, tail rotor, or free-wheeling unit
Ops Man 23.7
Weather Minimums
Over Land 300' & 1 mile
Over Water 500' & 3 miles
S76 300' & 2 miles w/radar
Night 1000' & 5 miles
IFR day 200 & 3/4
IFR night 400 & 2

Max wind 40 kts or 15 kts gust spread
206 - Startup/Shutdown max 35 kts or 15 kts gust spread
Ops Man 19.4
What authorizes RLC pilot to carry Hazardous Materials
Ops Specks
Qualifying Weather Information
Televent Weather
Enhanced Operational Control
Level 1
Level 1
Managers will monitor, augment, and reinforce the decisions for the flight crews

below 1000 feet
5 miles or less
wind 25 kts or greater
gust spread 10 kts
temp/dew 3 dereges or less
frontal passage
forcast icing
Enhanced Operational Control
Level 2
Level 2
Manager will approve flights

below 600 feet
4 miles or less
winds 30 kts
start up with 15 kt tailwind
gust spread 15 kts
wave heights 12 ft
Enhanced Operational Control
Level 3
Only approved by Director of Operations

below 300 feet
below 1 mile
wind 60 kts
wave height above 20 ft
thunderstorms with imminent threat
When are maintenance items placed on the "Due List Report"?
When less than 50 hrs, 50 landings, 50 cycles, 15 days
Ops Specks, What can we do
Ops Manual 3.5

Remove/Install Chip Plugs
Hazardous Materials
Use Actual Weight for W&B
Minimum Equipment List
Loss of Tail rotor Effectiveness
A critical, low-speed aerodynamic flight characteristic which can result in an uncommanded rapid yaw rate which does not subside of it's own accord and, if not corrected, can result in the loss of aircraft control.

(Right Yaw)
Full left pedal; Cyclic forward

Below ETL
High Gross Weight
High DA
Low speed Right Turns
Dynamic Rollover
Rolling Moment
Pivot Point
Exceed Critical Angle
Settling With Power
20-100% Power
Insufficient Power to Arrest Decent
Air Speed less than ETL
300 FPM or greater Decent
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