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Nitroglycerine - Dosage
.4mg up to 3 times.
Atropine - Class
Anticholinergic, Parasympatholytic
Atropine - Actions
Increased HR associated with hemodynamically significant bradycardias by blocking parasympathetic tone.
Atropine - Indications
Symptomatic bradycardias
Atropine - Contraindications
Supraventricular >100, Ventricular >60, v-fib
Atropine - Side Effects
Tachycardia, CP, confusion, dry mouth, blurred vision, dilated pupils
Atropine - Dosage
.5 - 1 mg (Max .04 mg/kg)
Dopamine - Class
Catecholamine, Sympathomimetic
Dopamine - Actions
Increased inotrophic/chronotropic affects, increase O2 consumption, increased PVR, bronchodilation
Dopamine - Indications
Symptomatic bradycardias, pulseless arrests (VF, PVT, PEA, Asystole)
Dopamine - Contraindications
Contra Ind: V-Tach, V-fib
Precautions : Atrial tachydysrhythmias, Ventricular dysrhythmias, CP, HTN
Dopamine - Dosage
5-20 mcg/kg/min
Epinephrine - Actions
Catecholamine, Sympathomimetic
Epinephrine - Actions
Increases inotrophic/chronotropic/dromotropic affects, increases O2 consumption, increases PTV, bronchodilation
Epinephrine - Indications
Symptomatic bradycardias, pulseless arrests (VF, PVT, PEA, Asystole)
Epinephrine - Contraindications
Tachyarrythmias w/pulse, hypertensive states, cardiovascular disease.
Epinephrine - Precautions
Atrial tachydysrhythmias, ventricular dysrhythmias, CP, HTN
Epinephrine - Side Effects
Tachycardia, CP, HTN
Epinephrine - Dosage
2-10 mcg/min; 1 mg IV
Adenosine - Class
Anti-dysrhythmic; purine nucleoside
Adenosine - Actions
slows conduction through AV node
Adenosine - Indications
Stable PSVT refractory to vagal maneuvers
Adenosine - Contraindications
2 degree type II AVB, 3 degree AVB, Sick Sinus Syndrome
Adenosine - Precautions
Asthma Patients
Adenosine - Side Effects
Facial Flushing, headache, SOB, Dizziness, nausea
Adenosine - Dosage
6mg, 12, mg, 12 mg
Cardiazem - Class
Calcium Channel Blocker
Cardiazem - Actions
Relaxes smooth muscle, decreases PVR, decreases AV conduction, dilates coronary arteries
Cardiazem - Indications
A-fib, A-flutter, SVT refractory to adenosine, hypertensive angina pectoris
Cardiazem - Contraindications
2 degree AVB, 3 degree AVB, hypotensive states
Cardiazem - Precautions
Hypotension, bradycardia, calcium chloride is antidote.
Cardiazem - Side Effects
Nausea/Vomiting, Dizziness, Headache, Heart Block, Hypotension, bradycardia
Furosemide aka Lasix - Indications
Acute pulmonary edema, CHF
Furosemide - Dosage
40-100 mg.
Morphine - Class
Narcotic Analgesic
Morphine - Actions
Analgesia/sedation, decreases CNS, arterial and venous dilation
Morphine - Indications
Chest pain associated with acute coronary syndrome (ACS), CHF, acute pulmonary edema, pain relief
Morphine - Contraindications
Hypotension, volume depletion, head injury, abd. pain, respiratory depression, shock.
Morphine - Precautions
Addiction/abuse, resp. depression, head trauma, Narcan as antidote.
Morphine - Side Effects
Nausea/Vomiting, hypotension, resp. depression, abd. cramps, constricted pupils, AMS
Morphine - Dosage
2-5 mg IV, IO, IM, or Sub-Q slowly over a period of several minutes (Up to 15 mg).
Vasopressin - Class
Antidiuretic Hormone, Nonadrenergic vasoconstrictor
Vasopressin - Action
Vasoconstriction independent of adrenergic receptors or neural innervation
Vasopressin - indications
Pulseless arrest (VF, Pulesless VT, PEA, Asystole, vasodilatory shock) refractory to Adult shock
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