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Max wind pax door operation

65 kt

Max tire speed
195 kias

Max wiper speed

230 kias

Max Runway Width*

*A319 and A320 can operate to runways as narrow as 98'' when optd IAW "Narrow Rwy Operations" in Supp

Max Crosswind Demonstrated

38 knots (Demonstrated)

Max Tailwind - Takeoff

15 knots

Max Tailwind - Landing

10 Knots

Max wind for cargo door opening

40 knots (50 knots if nose is in the wind or door iw leeward side)
Load Acceleration
Clean Config ...
Slats and Flaps Extened...
Salts and Flaps Retracted...

Clean          -1g to +2.5g
Sl + Fl Ext    0g to +2.0g
Sl + Fl Ret    0g to +2.0g


137,700 lbs

A320 Max Taxi 

170,600 lbs
A320 MTOW*

169,700 Lbs

A320 MLW*

145,500 Lbs

A320 Minimum Weight
82,000 lbs


128,900 lbs

A319 Max Taxi

167,300 lbs


166,400 lbs

A319 MLW

137,700 lbs
A319 Min Weight
82,000 lbs
162,700 lbs
A321 Max Taxi Weight
207,000 lbs


2061,00 lbs
A321 MLW
171,500 lbs
A321 Minimum Weight
104,700 lbs
A319 / A320

Turbulent Air Penetration

Blo FL200 = 250kts

At or abv FL200 = 
275kts or M.76

Turbulent Air Penetration

Blo FL200 = 270kts

At or Abv FL200
300kts or M.76
A319 / A320

Flaps 1 Speed

230 kias
A319 / A320

Flaps 1+F Speed

215 kias
A319 / A320

Flaps 2 Speed

200 kias
A319 / A320

Flaps 3 Speed

185 kias
A319 / A320

Flaps Full Speed

177 kias
Vlo Extended (Operating)
280 kias / M.67
Vle Extension
250 kias

Vlr Retraction

220 KIAS

Max Altitude Landing Gear may be extended

Max Ground Speed

195 Kts
Windshield Wiper
Max Speed in Use

230 KIAS

Max Speed
Cockpit Window Open

200 KIAS

Max Taxi Speed in a turn >167,500

20 Kts

Max Va Mach

Cabin Pressure

Max Pos Diff Pressure
Cabin Pressure

Max Neg Diff Pressure
-1.0 psi
Ram Air Limitation
Only open the ram air inlet if differential pressure is lower than 1.0 psi.
(2 limits) Ground Air Conditioning
Low Pressure (LP) ground unit limitation
-Do not use conditioned air simultaneously from pack and LP ground unit.

-Airflow supplied by the groound cart should not exceed 2.60 lb/s
(2 limits) Ground Air Conditioning
High Pressure (HP) ground unit
  • Do not use HP Ground unit when the APU is supplying bleed air to avoid bleed system damage.
  • An HP ground unit may be used for AC provided the supply is confirmed to be free of oil contamination.
Minimum Height for autopilot engage.

Takeoff with SRS Mode
100'' AGL
Minimum Height for autopilot engage. Takeoff without SRS Mode
900' AGL
Minimum Height for autopilot engage.

100'' AGL
Autopilot use OP DES mode
Use of AP or FD in OP DES or DES mode is not authorized during approach below minimums of:
500'' (A319/A320)
900'' AGL (A321)
whichever is higher.
Minimum Height for autopilot Disengagement

ILS Autoland
Certified to remain engaged
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