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What authorizes RLC and pilot to use the MEL
The Ops Specks
What is the MEL
The Authority to operate an aircraft with Inoperative Equipment and still be airworthy.
MEL Repair Interval Categories and Times
Category A = Maintenance
Category B = 3 Cal Days
Category C = 10 Cal Days
Category D = 120 Cal Days
*Does not include day of discovery
** Cat B&C can be extended only once by DOM from FSDO
What do you write on the Inop Sticker
Date of Discovery
Components / Systems fall into 3 categories for MEL
1. Units obviously required for aircraft to be airworthy

2. Units which do not affect the airworthiness

3. Units which do not clearly fall into either of the above
MEL Flight Crew Responsibilities
1. Determine if MEL authorized inoperative item.

2. Determine will not affect safety of flight

3. Determine required alternate equipment is operative

4. Review the aircraft maint record to assure proper write ups
Where do we track Inoperative Equipment
Back of the front page of the log book
DMSS - Deferred Maintenance Summary Sheet
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