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Which of the following is an emblem of the heterogeneity and pluralism of contemporary literature?
the internet.
Who was not assassinated between the turbulent years 1962 and 1970?
Lyndon Johnson.
What is the term for prose fiction arising after the Death of the Novel debates that purposefully confined itself to realistic descriptions and utterances that could be accepted within narrow and reliable limits, and always framed the information it presented as provisional signs rather than objective truth?
Which did not occur during President Kennedy's “New Frontier” administration?
astronauts landed on the moon.
Which of the following voices had not had literary production encouraged and expanded during and after the 1960s thanks to increased political protests and activism?
Jewish American writers like Philip Roth.
What does the “Death of the Novel” controversy in the 1960s refer to?
a crisis of faith in the ability of novelistic conventions to depict reality adequately
Despite having begun the post-WWII era with an ideal of cultural conformity, which of the following best describes the ideal aesthetic value of contemporary literature?
Which branch of academic literary theory was devoted to the systematic questioning of the objective underpinnings of any statement? It substituted ‘interpretation' for ‘fact' and ‘rhetoric' in place of ‘truth.'
World War II required many industrial factories to cease regular production and turn to munitions and armament manufacturing. What other social change resulted from the war's demands on private corporations?
Women and minority workers hired to fill labor shortages became dissatisfied with their prewar lots after the war ended and began demanding more opportunities.
What was the name given to the American military policy adopted after World War II to halt the ideological spread of Communism to smaller states like South Korea and South Vietnam?
Why did poetry in the 1950s and 60s deviate from cultural ideals of conformity, unlike prose?
poetry as a genre was largely marginal in American culture.
What label came to define poetry by Lowell, Plath, and Sexton, among others, that focused on extreme autobiographical details about sex, divorce, alcoholism, and/or insanity, and in which readers assumed that the lyric voice had lived through those experiences personally?
confessional poetry.
Which modernist writers, more than any others, inspired authors between World War II and the 1960s to attempt to write “the great American novel” which would characterize an essential national experience?
Ernest Hemingway.
Which of the following decades is most commonly associated with social conformity and a complacent acceptance of material wealth as the basis of a good standard of living?
Which form of international competition best characterizes the “Cold War” between the United States and the Soviet Union?
economic warfare.
How did the literary fortunes of Native American writers change as a result of the political and social movements of the 1960s?
Native writers created a body of critical and historical works that exposed white stereotypes and put past and present Native literature into an ecological context.
Which social and historical gap has the successful emergence of African American women writers since the 1970s and 80s proven can be overcome literarily?
the lack of evidence that a group so consistently written out of the past and hindered from speaking could succeed in establishing their perspectives as important and necessary in mainstream culture.
Which did not contribute to the growth of political and social activism on college and university campuses during the 1960s and 70s?
the Watergate scandal.
Which of the following most aptly represents the effect on literature made by intellectuals' growing skepticism about unity and coherence in language, literary genres, and even individual subjectivity?
authors tended to think of genres like poetry and fiction as increasingly unreliable and destabilized means of representing reality.
Which two poets made the most significant forays into open, experimental form during the 1950s?
Robert Lowell and Allen Ginsberg.
To which literary subgenres did women like Ursula K. LeGuin increasingly turn in order to overturn male stereotypes about gender?
science fiction and fantasy.
Which does not represent one of the social tensions that the publication and impact of Howl (1956) and Life Studies (1959) illustrate about American society?
the increasing centrality and stability of married families.
Which two major combatant nations emerged from World War II in the strongest international positions of economic and military power?
the US and the Soviet Union.
Despite representations that emphasized tensions carried over from the prewar modernist period, which of the following was the literary ideal for the 1950s?
cultural homogeneity.
Which of the following was not a cause of the American population's shift westward and from cities to suburban areas in the 1950s?
plummeting real estate values in non-urban regions.
What was the standard genre for poetry in the 1950s?
the short lyric meditation
How does Ronald Regan's presidency and his call for a return to traditional values represent an adaptation of the ideals of the 1960s?
a mistrust of government led individuals to favor their own financial gain.
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