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The cells modified using DNA vector and capable of providing a cure is called...
A transgenic cell
Only hydrophilic amino acids...
Biologically occurring amino acids and ribose are...
L-amino acids and D-ribose
What type of secondary structure is formed by the polypeptide: Phe-Leu-Gly-Ala-Glu-Trp-Ala-Val-Lys-Ile?
It can form a β-strand (β-helix) and can form an α-helix
The peptide: Ala-Leu
Has amino group attached to Alanine
What is the importance of methylation of adenine base modification?
Restriction enzymes don’t bind to the base and thus will not degrade DNA
The statement “antiparallel β-sheets are more stable than parallel β-sheets” is...
True because parallel β-sheets have weaker hydrogen bonds than antiparallel β-sheets
What is true about protein folding?
The information required for folding a polypeptide is contained in its amino acid sequence.
Addition of SDS (sodium dodecyl sulfate) to a protein…..
Denatures the protein by disrupting the folded structure and coats the negative charge on the polypeptide, masking the charge on the protein.
An insertion of 3 nucleotides into a gene (DNA sequence coding for a protein) results in...
Elongation of the polypeptide chain
An enzyme cocktail with digestive enzymes trypsin and chymotrypsin for a enzyme supplement for people over 70 for digestive needs is probably...
Somewhat useful as an enzyme-supplement. But you are not sure about its effects, it may harm other proteins in the digestive system and you wouldn’t recommend it.
What is true about the Pro and HyP content of human skin, shark skin, and elephant skin?
Human skin has about the same HyP/Pro ratio as the elephant skin.
A product is made from liquid collagen and a vitamin cocktail, what can you say about it?
This is a harmful product, it will control the weight of the user, and it may cause malnutrition.
A protein with a composition α2β2 is likely to be called a tetramer.
Helical structure is the basic structural unit of α-keratin
Proline is unlikely to be found in α-helices and β-sheets
A quaternary structure is formed by noncovalent interactions between 2 tertiary structures
Peptide Sequence A (Ala-Gly-Gly)8 B (Pro-Gly-Ala)8 C (Pro-Ala-Gly)8 D (HyP-Gly-Ala)8
Peptides B, C, and D from collagen triple helix.
The statement “change favors the prepared mind” was made by...
Louis Pasteur
What was Sree’s association with G.N. Ramachandran?
Sree was a student of G.N. Ramachandran and Sree graduated from the school G.N. Ramachandran founded.
Describe the eneretics of the native and denatured states.
The denatured state of a protein has higher entalpy than the native state. The native state of a protein has a lower entropy than the denatured state.
Add DNA polymerase and dNTPs
Add DNA ligase to the reaction mixture
Introduce the vector in bacteria
Screen the bacterial colony for the recombinant vector
Make bacteria produce the mutant protein in large quanity
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