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Functions of BActeria
Decompostiion, Parastism, Toxins
Bacterial cell walls contain this, a network of sugar polymers cross-linked by polypeptides
Gram Stain
scientists use this to classify many bacterial species into Fram positive and Gram Negative based on cell wall composition
Gram Negative
bacteria have less peptidoglycan and an outer membrane that can be toxic and they are more likeley to be antibiotic resistant. they have hairs
a polysaccharide or protein layer covers many prokaryotes
Fimbriae(attachment pili)
which allow them to stick their subsrate or other individuals in a colony.
in which a prokaryote takes up DNA from its environment
cells without the F factor function are DNA recipients during conjugation
The _________ is transferable during conjugation
f Factor
R PLasmids
carry genes for antibiotic resistant
Obligate Aerobes
require oxygen for cellular respiration
Obligate anaerobes
are poisoned by oxygen and use fermentation or anaerobic respiration
cab survive with our without oxygen
Ideal COnditions for BActeria
Warmth( around 30 C) MOisture( drying slows growth), Darkness(U-V Light slows growth. Food(just about anything
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