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What is the Purpose of SCROM?
Shareable Content Object Reference Model is a collection of standards and specifications adapted from multiple sources to provide a comprehensive suite of e-learning capablilites that enable interoperability, accessibility, and revisibility of web-based learning content.
List R3 as it applies to NCOM.
Reuse - The use of an existing object without modification to its instructional treatment, context, or conten.
Repurpose - The use of an existing object with little or no modification.
Reference - The use of existing object as an information source for generating ideas for new learning events.
What are the fives Content Types?  Describe when each would be used as they relate to enabling objective statements.
Concepts are categories that include multiple examples.
Facts are unqiue and specific information usually represented in the form of a statement.
Procedures are sequence of steps that are followed systematically to achieve a task or make a decision.
Processes are flow of events that identify how something works.
Principles are directions that outline guidelines for action in which people must adapt the rules to various situations.
Define Content Use levels.
Content use level is the degree of recognition and performance that a lender is expected display after completing a training session at the section level.
Describe Metadata and its capabilities.
Metadata is frequently referred to as "data about data" allowing it to be cataloged by content, context, and structure.
What is a Job Task Analysis?
A job task analysis (JTA) provides the framework for the ILE to define job/position requirements for needed knowledge, skill, and abilities.
How many levels are in JTA and describe them?
Level 1 data describes what work is being performed.
Level 2 data describes how the work is being performed.
Where does one find technical specifications, XML specifications, and NMCI Core Build requirements?
What are the three primary constructs to the XML definition are?
Content organization - Instructional or other taxonomical organization of the content to be managed, delivered, and/or generated.
Content element - Text, media references and interactions located within any type of content that may be created.
Metadata - The Metadata Profiles represents a mapping of the IEEE Learning.
What are the 3 educational domains discussed in the Navy ILE Learning Objective Statements (NLOS) Specifications and Guidance?
Cognitive Domain - includes Evaluation, Sythesis, Analysis, Application, Comprehension, and Knowledge.
Affective Domain includes Characterizing by a value, Complex, Organiziongm Valuing, Responding, and Receiving.
Psychomotor Domain includes Naturalization, Articulation, Precision, Manipulation, and Imitation.
What are and discuess the five phases of the Instructional Design Process as it applies to ILE.

Analyze-Identify required level of proficiency, crital taskm knowledge and skill.

Design-Occurs after analysis and ends when a proof of concept prototype is designed that has been tested and accepted.

Development-Effectively translates analysis & design phase into courseware products.

Implementation-Effective and efficient delivery of instruction.

Evaluation-Measures the effectiveness & efficiency of the instructional content & specifically the application of knowledge in the workplace.
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