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63--Which of the following is the principal male hormone produced in the testes and responsible for sexual characteristics?
64--The comma_shaped organ that lies along the posterior border of the testis is the:
65--The only artery in the body that carries unoxygenated blood is th:
Pulmonary artery
66--The pacemaker of the heart is the:
SA node
67--Which arteries are formed by the bifurcation of the abdominal aorta?
68--The process by which blood cells are formed is known as:
69--Which of the following arises from the left ventricles?

Ascending Aorta
70--The pancreas lies behind the stomach & duodenum in the right & left upper quaderants & is divided into __ portions:
71--Which organ is responsible for the sythesis of many of the coagulation factors?
72--The atrioventricular (AV) valve between the left atrium & the left ventricle is the:
Bicuspid (Mitral) valve
73--The inner layer of an artery is known as the:
Intima or (Tunica Intera)
74--Which of the following vessels arises from the right ventricle?
Pulmonary Artery
75--Which of the following vessels arises from the right ventricle?
Pulmonary veins

(empty into the left ventricle)
76--The large artery found behind the knee is the:
Popliteal Artery
77--The large artery that arises from the left side of the aortic arch and descends into the arm is the:
78--The medial malleolus is part of which bone?
79--The sutures of the skkull are examples of:
80--Which characteristic does not belon to a synovial joint?
Synchondrosis containign hyaline cartilage
81--Which of the following is an example of a saddle joint?
Thumb and trapezium
82--Smooth, sustained contractions produced by serveral very rapid stimuli are called:
83--The dense white fibrous covering around bone is the:
84--An example of a short bone is the:
The wrist
85--A large, bony process found on the femur is a:
86--The foramen magnum is found in which bone?
Occipital bone
87--An example of a flat bone is the:
Cranial Bones
88--The acromion is part of which bone?
Scapula or Shoulder Blade
89--The olecranon is part of which bone?
90--which of the following is not a carpal?
91--The only bone in the body that does not articulate with another is the:
Hyoid Bone
92--The Shaft of the bone is known as the:
93--The extremity or end of a bone is known as the: 
94--Another name for Spongy Bone is:
95--The vertebrae are examples of what type of bone?
96--The area of a bone where growth occurs until early adulthood is the:
Epiphyseal plate
97--What bone from the greater portion of the sides and roof of the cranial cavity?
98--The structure that serves as the socket for the head of the femur is the:
99--Where are cruciate ligaments found in the knee?
Lateral & Medial in the knee
100--A triangular muscle that abducts the arm & covers the shoulder is the:
101--The rectus femoris, vastus lateralis, vastus medialis, & the vastus intermedius are muscles that extend the legs & are known as the:
102--The muscle that flexes & supinates the forearm & covers the anterior portion of the upper arm is the:
Biceps brachii
103--The muscle that forms the bulk of the upper calf is the:
104--The mandible articulates with the:
Temporal bone
105--The thoracic spine contains how many vertebrae?
106--The inner lining of the uterus is the:
107--The walls of the vagina are lined with:
108--All of the following ligaments maintain the position of the uterus except the:
109--The perineum is the:
110--Fertilization of the ovu generally occurs in the:
111--The hormone responsible for the development & maintaine the development & maintenance of the female secondar sex characteristics.
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