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What is the purpose for the Quadrants of the Human Performance System Model?
Result-based, systematic approach to identifying, assessing, and resolving performance issues within the framework of the organization as a system
What are the 4 quadrants of the Human Performance System Model?
Quad 1- Defines human performance requirements; breaks down jobs and job tasks into specific behaviors or compentencies

Quad 2- Once human performance requirements have been established, certified and prioritized, analysts and subject matter experts must evaluate requirements in order to determine how best to meet them

Quad 3- The recommendations          (solution options) generated in Quad 2 are passed to the decision makers in Quad 1; Selects the appropriate interventions based on effectiveness, cost, etc.

Quad 4- Execution and evaluation of the intervention occur here
In Quad 1 of the HPSM, who must validate all individual unit and group job/task requirements?
Fleet Commanders in Chief (CINC)
What is the Navy's new Learning Model that intergrates technology and human performance requirements into a complete package?
The Navy's implemenation of the Advanced Distributed Learnings (ADL) Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) is the "Navy Content Object Model" (NCOM)
Who performs most of the funstions in the Quad 2 and coordinates the activities of Quad 3 in the Human Performance System model (HPSM)?
The government Project Manager (PM) has overall responsibility for managing the design process
What are the 7 Sciences of Learning?
Tailored instruction is more effective than group-paced instruction

Building confidence in learners is an important outcome of training

Building learner self-awareness aids the learning process

Optimal instructional design requires a comprehensive Training Needs Analysis

Measurement & feedback are paramoutn to sustaining effective learning

Learning is continual process

Blended solutions
What does the Contracting Officer have the authority to do?
Enter, administer, and /or terminate contracts and make related determinations and findings
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