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Define a Community of Practice & Community of Interest.
Community of Practice is a designated network of people that shares information and knowledge.

Community of Interest is a community of people who share a common interest or passion.
What are the benefits of a Community of Practice.
Improves the organization's performance through increased effectiveness, productivity, quality, and innovation.
One of NETPDTC's functions in Personnel Qualification Standards (PQS) is to publish and annual list of what type of information?
A list of PQS available to the fleet and the Current Model Managers.
What is the function of PQS?
The PQS program ensures that personnel have the required competency before performing specific duties. PQS standardize qualification requirements.
In formal training courses where PQS lines may be signed, what procedure is followed to inform a receiving command which line items have been completed and signed?
A letter certifying completion of the appropriate itemsm, by number, shall be forwarded to the student's duty station.
What are the rules for hanling classified student notes?
They shall be collected from students prior to graduation and not forwarded to receiving commands immediately.
What are the procedures for the disposition of school notes that are not resuable?
They will be destroyed.
What are the procedures for the disposition of school notes that are not reusable.
Yes, on a case by case basis, notes may be forwarded to the command, not the individual.
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