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What happens to prevalence as: Incidence increases?
What happens to prevalence as: Duration increases?
What year of marriage is the peak year for divorce?
Fourth year
What is the formula for IQ?
MA/CA x 100 (MA = mental age, CA = chronologic age)
What are the three stages that children (aged 7 months to 5 years) go through when they are separated from a primary caregiver for a prolonged period of time?
1. Protest 2. Despair 3. Detachment
In statistics, what is the measured rate for: A whole population?
Crude rate
A subgroup of a population?
Specific rate
What percentage of suicides are committed by white men?
What is the primary method of nonverbal communication of emotional states?
Facial expression (the second is vocal intonation)
In what age group is illness perceived as a punishment?
0 to 5 years
In screening tests, what happens to sensitivity as incidence increases?
Nothing; screening tests have nothing to do with incidence.
What are the four exceptions to informed consent?
1. Emergency 2. Waiver by parents 3. Competency (only courts determine) 4. Short-term intervention
In what age group are children more afraid of mutilation or separation from a parent than of death?
4 to 6 years of age
Which variable can an experimenter manipulate?
Independent variable
What percentage of dementia cases are caused by Alzheimer's disease?
When is the only time that it is okay to break doctor- patient confidentiality?
If there is a threat of harm to others (Tarasoff''s Duty to Warn)
Do newborns perceive a three dimensional world?
It is believed that newborns DO perceive a three-dimensional world, because in experiments they react defensively when an object is thrust in front of their faces.
What stage of sleep is associated with high pulse, blood pressure, and respiration rates, and is characterized by increased brain oxygen use, penile erection in males, and total paralysis of the skeletal muscles?
REM sleep (Remember as: Awake brain & paralyzed body.)
What three circumstances allow a child to be committed to institutional care?
1. The child poses an imminent danger to self or others. 2. The child is unable to care for himself daily (at the appropriate developmental level). 3. The parents/guardians have absolutely no control over the child, or will not promise to ensure the child's safety even though refusing hospitalization.
What is the leading cause of death in African American men between the ages of 15 and 24 years of age?
What is the pattern of motor development?
Grasp before release Palms up before palms down Proximal to distal progression Ulnar to radial progression
What stage of sleep is associated with slow pulse and respiratory rates, a decrease in blood pressure, and involuntary skeletal muscle contractions?
Non-rapid eye movement (NREM) sleep (Remember as: Idle brain in an awake body.)
What type of study is prospective-that is, it "looks to see who gets sick" by defining a population at risk of being exposed to a disease?
Cohort study (also called prospective, follow-up, longitudinal, or incidence study)
What percentage of babies with an HIV-positive mother will test HIV-positive at birth?
100%. At birth the mother's HIV-infected cells can be detected in the baby's serum. Six months later, however, only 30% of these babies test positive.
What disorder begins before 30 years of age; occurs predominantly in women; and presents with multiple medical complaints, with at least four pain symptoms, two gastrointestinal symptoms, one sexual symptom, and one neurological symptom?
Somatization disorder (Symptoms are NOT intentionally produced.)
What is the progression of copying shapes?
Circle, cross, rectangle, square, triangle (alphabetic order)
What stage of sleep occupies the most time?
Stage 2
What statistical analysis is used when you want to bring together many different variables to determine one conclusion?
What is the leading cause of school dropouts among girls?
What is the name of the somatoform disorder in which the person has symptoms or deficits suggestive of a medical condition, which are initiated or made worse by stressors?
Conversion disorder (The male-to-female ratio is about 1:5.)
In what stage of psychosexual development (according to Freud) do children resolve the Oedipus complex?
Latency stage (6 to 12 years)
On what part of the body does sleep deprivation have the greatest effect?
Cerebral cortex
What is the square of the standard deviation?
What is the application of an unavoidable stimulus followed by an animal's failure to cope (when coping would otherwise be possible) known as?
Learned helplessness (e.g., Skinner box)
In what somatoform disorder does the person present with a fear of illness despite appropriate medical evaluation and reassurance, and often uses the opening line "I think I have . . . "?
In biostatistics, what are the three criteria required to increase power?
1. Large sample size 2. Large effect size 3. Type I error is greater
True or false-IQ is a predictor of academic achievement?
True-it is a predictor but not an indicator.
At what age does IQ become stable?
Age 5
On the psychosocial stressor scale, what factor receives the highest rating?
Death of a spouse
What is the term for the biologic predisposition to be sensitive to particular stimuli and to associate them with an unconditioned stimulus?
In what somatoform disorder with two subtypes does the patient experiences pain in a body part without any discernible organic cause (One subtype is associated with psychological factors, and the other with both physical and psychological factors.)?
Pain disorder
In what type of somatoform disorder does a person have an unrealistically negative evaluation of some aspect of his or her personal appearance?
Body dysmorphic disorder
At what stage of psychosexual development (according to Freud) do children fear castration?
Phallic stage (4 to 6 years)
True or false-only men have sexual refractory periods?
True-some women can have multiple successive orgasms without a break.
What is the term for involuntary vulgar or obscene utterances?
Coprolalia (seen 30% of the time as a feature of Tourette's syndrome)
At what stage of cognitive development (according to Piaget) do children: See death as irreversible?
Concrete operations (6 to 12 years)
At what stage of cognitive development (according to Piaget) do children: Have abstract thinking?
Formal operations ( > 12 years)
At what stage of cognitive development (according to Piaget) do children: Lack law of conservation and are egocentric?
Preoperational (2 to 6 years)
What hormone is inhibited by sleep?
With what stage of sleep are nightmares associated?
REM=`remember them" ;&
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