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Hyper-V is included in the initial Windows Server 2008 release
If a Hyper-V server goes down, you can restore the virtual machines to other Hyper-V servers immediately as a temporary measure or a permanent solution.
Running standalone applications with duplicate databases on every workstation is a practical solution.
The streaming Media Services role is included with the operating system.
  The Fax Server role does not require the installation of the Print Services role.
Which application role provides an integrated environment for deploying and running server-based business applications?
Which built-in role enables Windows Server 2008 to host virtual machines?
The number of roles that a server can perform is dependent on all of the following factors except the __________.
functional level of the domain
What is the process of deploying and maintaining multiple instances of an operating system?
Which of the following is not an element of the client/server model implemented by IIS and Internet Explorer?
virtual instance that interacts with both the client and server
The UDDI Services role in Windows Server 2008 consists of which of the following role services?
The Fax Service Manager application enables administrators to do all of the following except __________.
create optional role services
Which operating system cannot process the Software Installation policy
Windows XP Home
When creating a GPO software installation, which option causes the client computer to automatically install the application the next time the computer starts or the user logs on?
Which product is designed for large enterprises and can be used to deploy applications as well as perform a wide variety of other network management tasks?
Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007
Essentials 2007 is limited to how many servers?
What is one way to simplify the process of deploying applications on a large number of computers?
Terminal Services
Which of the following enables communication between the terminal server and the client?
Remote Desktop Protocol
In Windows Server 2008, which Session ID is always dedicated to the system services running on the computer, which isolates them from applications for security reasons?
Which of the following is an advantage of using Microsoft Terminal Services
all of the above
RDP can support up to how many separate channels?
  In addition to the server’s base memory requirements, how many megabytes of memory are required when running Terminal Services on a client machine?
When installing the Terminal Services role using Server Manager, the Add Roles Wizard enables you to select from a variety of role services. Which role service balances the client load among multiple terminal servers and saves session state information so that clients can reconnect to the same session from which they disconnected?
TS Session Broker
Terminal Services has two operational modes. Which is the default mode?
After you install the Terminal Services role, you can install the applications that the terminal server will deploy to your clients. What command do you key in first?
change user/install
A(n) __________ is a collection of processes that form an individual user environment running on the server.
To separate the client processes for individual sessions, the terminal server assigns each session a unique identifier called a(n) __________ ID.
__________, now in version 6.0, is based on the T.120 protocol standards published by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU).
Remote Desktop Protocol, RDP
To use the Terminal Services role for multiple user connections, you must purchase the appropriate number of Terminal Services client access licenses (TS CALs) and install a TS __________ server to deploy them.
The TS Licensing service requires only about 10 megabytes of memory, and the license database requires 1 megabyte of storage space for every __________ licenses.
__________ is the process of deploying and maintaining multiple instances of an operating system.
Hyper-V uses Type 1 virtualization in which the VMM is called a(n) __________, which is an abstraction layer that interacts directly with the computer’s physical hardware.
There are two different forms of Type 1 virtualization. One form uses a(n) __________ hypervisor, which contains the device drivers for the physical hardware installed in the hypervisor layer.
For licensing purposes, Microsoft refers to each virtual machine that you create on a Hyper-V server as a virtual __________.
__________ is a new Terminal Services feature that enables clients to run terminal server applications within individual windows.
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