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There is no compelling reason to use the FAT file system in Windows Server 2008.
Adding namespace servers to an existing namespace replicates only the virtual directory structure as well as target folders and files referred to by the virtual folders.
All versions of the Windows Server 2008 operating system can function as DFS namespace servers.
When implementing DFS on a Windows Server 2008 computer, you do not need to create a replication group.
With network-attached print devices, the primary deployment decision that the administrator must make is to decide which computer will function as the print server.
A well-designed sharing strategy provides each user with three resources. Which of the following is not a provided resource?
access to a thawspace for temporary storage
Which permissions do administrators typically use to assign storage space as well as modify permissions on a Windows Server 2008 file server?
To whom should you always assign security permissions?
Which console can be used to create multiple shares and exercise more granular control over their properties?
Share and Storage Management
The most common use of a file screen is to __________.
prevent users from storing unauthorized file types on the server
A replication group can have up to __________ members.
Each server can be a member of up to __________ replication groups.
A collection of settings in a quota template defines all of the following except __________.
the user credentials under which FSRM operates
To send email messages, what service does a Windows Server 2008 computer need to be running?
Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
Which of the following statements is not true regarding FSRM quotas?
They can be configured to create event log entries only.
What hardware actually produces hard-copy documents on paper or other print media?
print device
A computer communicates with a print device through which software interface?
What converts the print jobs generated by applications into an appropriate string of commands for a specific print device?
printer spooler
The simplest print architecture consists of one print device that is connected to one computer. This print device is also known as a __________.
locally attached print device
Which of the following is the default Windows Server 2008 printer-sharing configuration?
Each client uses its own printer and printer driver.
Which Print Services role enables UNIX clients running the LPR (line printer remote) program to send their print jobs to Windows printers?
LPD Service
Which Print Services role installs the Print Management console for Microsoft Management Console (MMC) that enables administrators to deploy, monitor, and manage printers throughout the enterprise?
Print Server
__________ is the only role service that is required when you add the Print Services role
 Print Server
You must also install the __________ when installing the Internet Printing role service.
Both a & b
You must add the __________ role to use a Windows Server 2008 computer as a fax server.
Fax Server
Except in special cases, it is usually not necessary to explicitly deny __________ permissions to users or groups.
New Technology File System, NTFS
For each member server, the number of replication groups multiplied by the number of replicated folders multiplied by the number of simultaneous replication connections should not exceed __________.
DFS replication between two members is always __________ by default.
__________ can warn administrators of excessive storage utilization trends or apply hard restrictions to user accounts.
After the printer processes a print job, it stores the job in a print queue known as a(n) __________.
file ___________ that prevent users from storing specific types of files on a server drive.
Using quota __________ simplifies the quota management process.
In an enterprise environment, it is important to monitor and regulate the amount of __________ space consumed by users so that each user receives a fair share and server resources are not overwhelmed by irresponsible user storage practices.
A member server can support up to one __________ of replicated files, with up to eight million replicated files per volume
To enable replication for a DFS folder with multiple targets, you must create a replication group, which is a collection of servers. Each of these servers, known as __________, contains a target for a particular DFS folder.
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