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The structure of the body and the relationship of its parts to each other (how the body works).
The function of the living body and its parts (how the body works).
The patient is lying face up on his back.
The patient is lying facedown on hi stomach.
Lateral recumbent (recovery) position.
The patient os lying on his left or right side.
Fowler position
The patient is lying on his back with his upper body elevated at a 45 tp 60 degree angle.
Demi-Flower position.
The patient is lying on his back with the upper body elevated at an angle less than 45 degrees.
Saggital plane.
Vertical plane that rus lenghtwise and divides the body into right and left segments.
Frontal or coronal plane.
Divides the body into front and back halves.
Transverse or horizonal plane.
Parallel with the ground and divides the body into upper and lower halves.
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