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The ____ which ended in 1763, forced a change in British policies toward the colonies from one of salutary neglect to a more active role in governing and taxing the colonies
B. French and Indian War
Which of the following was not an act of the british government of finance the war debt or subsidize the costs of defending the frontier tha tled to conflict with the American colonies?
Patriot act
____ is the author of Common Sense, an essay taht galvanized public opinion in support of the move to independence
Thomas Paine
Thomas Jefferson relied on the political writings of ___ in drafting th eDeclaration of independence
John Locke
Delegates from five states met in___ in 1786 to begin discussing possible amendments to the Articles of Confederation.
_____, an uprising of debtors, led property owners to call for a stronger national government to deal with the radicalism of the 1780's and is believed to have provided the immpetus for changes to the Articles of Confederation.
Shay's rebellion
which state faild to send delegates to the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia when they met in May of 1787?
Rhode Island
The most controversial and hotly debated issue in the Constitutional Convention was how to deal with____ in the new Government.
The plan that proposed a bicarmeral Congress with the lower house chosen by the people and the upper house chosen by the lower house from nominees selected by teh state legislature with representations based on the population of the state or propositions of taxes, which favored states with large populations was the ___.
Virginia Plan
The plan that favred states with small populations by retaining the one-state one-state vote rule used under the Articles of Confederation was the ___.
New jersey Plan
The proposal that established a bicameral congress, a Senate with two members from each state and a Houses of reps with representation based on population is know as the ___.
Great Compromise of the Connecticut plan
The framers attempted to avoid the issue of slavery, in particular the slave trade, by referring to slaves as___.
other persons or such persons.
The us.s. constitution contained a phrase that provided the slaves of each state would be counted for purposes of representation in the house of representatives_.
hmmm...don't know
after much debate over voter qualifications, the convention approved a constitution that made voting qualifications the responsibility of
Historian Charles A. Beard viewed the constitution as____, which set off a firestorm of controversy in the academic community.
an economic document to enhance the financial positon of speculators
Which of the following was not utilized by the founding fathers in the U.S.Constitution, as amended, to place limits on the new national governments?
Confederation in which state sovereignty was maintained
There are currently____ members of the U.S. house of representatives who are elected to___ year terms
435, and 2
Members of the U.S. House of representatives are elected to office by a vote of_____.
the voteres in the state in a statewide election
There are currently____ members of the U.S. Senate who are elected to ___ year terms.
100, and 6
which of the following is not a power of the us congress under the U.S. Constitution?
Regulate interstate and intrastate commerce
have constitutional power to take and spend somethin
While the president is the commander-in-chief, only Congress has the explicit power to___.
Declare war
In negotiating treraties and appointing ambassadors, the president must seek the __
advice and consent from the senate.
Which of the following is not a duty of the president?
Raise an army and navy
The president of the united States is elected to office by
a majority (270) of the electoral college votes
The president serves a __
for year term
The us constitution as originally drafted provides for a____ limit on the number of terms to be served by teh president.
no term
As amended, the us constitution allows for a president to sera a mamimum of___ years.
federal judges(i.e., the U.S. supreme court) are selected by____.
appointement by teh president and confirmation by teh u.s. house.
the term of office for a federal judge is___.
a lifetime
One of the methods of proposing an amendment to the U.S. constitution is_______________________.
by a vote of two-thirds of the u.s. house and senate
One of the methods fo ratifying a constitutional amendment to the u.s. cons is____.
by vote in legislatures of three-fourths fo the states
The only amendment to the u.s. consttution ratified by state conventions was that concerning____.
the repeal of prohibition
Article VI of the constitution provides that the ___is the supreme law of the land.
U.S. constitution
The Founders stipulated that the constitution would take effect when ratified by___.
nine of the state legislatures.
the major media campaign waged by founders to obtain ratification for the constitution was a series of essays entitled___.
The federalist paper
James madison, Alexander Hamilton and John Jay wrote the essays supporting the ratification under the pseudonym____.
Which of the following was not an author of an anti-federalst essay?
The primary objection raised by the anti-federalists with regard to ratification of the constitution is tha tthe document lacked___.
a Bill of rights tha tprevented the national government from infringing on individual liberties.
A constitutional arrangement whereby power is divided or shared between a national and state governments, each of which exercise specific powers directl on its citizens, is___.
In a ___ political power is controlled by teh national government and the sttes or colonies are considered subservient.
Unitary system
In a ____ political power is controlled by the state governments and the national government is subservient to the states and merely serves a coordinating function
whoops don't know this one
under federalism, the essential day to day sevices, such as fire and police protection are provded by the____
state and local governments
the full faith and credit provision of article IV is the focal point of the current controversy over____.
same sex marriage
Powers exercised by both the national government and state government and state governments are called____ powers.
delegated or enumerated
In McCulloch v. Maryland, the u.s. supreme court broady read and applied the ____.
Necessary and Proper clause
In Gibbons v. Ogden, the U.S Supreme Court ruled that the granting of a monopoly by the state of New York to a steamship company engaged in trade between New Yord and New Jersey violated the exclusive power of the U.S. congress over____.
Interstate commerce
The total or partial federal assumption of power by the national government over matters traditionally reserved to the states is called____.
Federal orders imposing regulations or the enforecement of regulations and the costs associated with enforecement on the states and local governments without reimbursement is know as_.
an unfunded mandate
attempts during the 1970s and 80's to return power and responsibility to the states and the role of the national government in domestic affairs was called___.
New Federalism
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