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According to Microsoft, there is no “back door” in the BitLocker encryption mechanism that would allow third parties (including government and law enforcement agencies) to access a protected volume.
You can protect your network against social engineers with locked doors, passwords, or firewalls.
It is impossible for clandestine users outside the building to access servers using their own equipment.
Blocking all traffic through the use of firewalls is the more secure arrangement.
NTFS permissions are limited to shared folders.
Which of the following terms refers to automatic identification of individuals based on physiological characteristics?
Which of the following is the most popular biometric technology in use today?
fingerprint matching
What process circumvents security barriers by persuading authorized users to provide passwords or other sensitive information?
social engineering
Which of the following is essentially a series of filters that examine the contents of packets and traffic patterns to and from the network to determine which packets they should allow to pass through the filter?
Which of the following is not an important criterion that firewalls can use in their rules?
DNS name
Which of the following is not a port that Windows uses for network browsing?
Which network profile is not supported by Windows Server 2008?
Which of the following is not a default configuration of Windows Firewall?
The firewall is turned off.
Which of the following is the only technology included in Windows Server 2008 that can protect data while it is in transit?
Which of the following is not an operation mode in BitLocker?
volume encryption mode
Proof of identity typically takes one of three forms. Which of the following is not a typical form of proof?
something you see
For encryption on a data network to be both possible and practical, what form of encryption do computers typically use?
public key
What type of list does SAM enable computers to maintain?
local users and groups that function as a decentralized authentication system
Which of the following is an example of a strong password?
Which of the following is the default maximum password age?
42 days
What is known as the cryptographic key that is used in exchanges between the security principal and the KDC?
long-term key
In the Kerberos Policy Settings, what is the default value for Maximum Lifetime for User Ticket?
10 hours
An ACL is a collection of individual permissions presented in what form?
access control entries
Effective permissions for a given resource can be assigned in various ways. Which of the following is not a way in which they can be assigned?
application controlled
Which of the following biometric authentication mechanisms is suitable for verification but not identification?
hand geometry
To modify firewall settings, you use the __________ tab of the Windows Firewall Settings dialog box.
IPsec includes a connection establishment routine, during which computers authenticate each other before transmitting data, and a technique called __________, in which data packets are encapsulated within other packets for their protection.
The __________ is a dedicated cryptographic processor chip that the system uses to store BitLocker encryption keys.
Trusted Platform Module, TPM
To require a user to authenticate using a smart card, use the Active Directory Users and Computers console to open the user object’s Properties sheet, and select the __________ tab.
  __________ is essentially a system in which one character is substituted for another.
__________ authentication is required to create an environment in which users can access all network resources with a single set of credentials—a desirable situation known as single sign-on (SSO).
Many administrators express concern about whether they have enough bandwidth, but it’s __________ (the time it takes for a packet to travel from a source to a destination) that’s more likely to cause authentication problems across wide area network links.
A security __________ is any user, computer, or service account that logs on to the domain.
Kerberos authentication is based on specially formatted data packets known as __________.
Permission __________ means that parent resources pass their permissions down to their subordinates.
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