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Fluid that lubricates the joints
red chakra
effects of post menopause include
decrease in hormones
what are the arrector pili muscles
muscles that raise your body hairs
client resists filling out info sheet - you should
ask the client the questions and write the responses on the sheet
Holistic health holds that the mind and body
cannot be divided
Average resting ventiliation rate for adult?
12-20 breaths a minute
how to get off table when supine
roll to side swing legs off
your client might have anorexia nervosa - you
gather more information before proceeding with the massage
cartilage takes a long time to heal because it is
poorly vascularized
biceps brachii action
supinate forearm at radioulnar joint
what nerve may pass through the piriformis
posterior pituitary gland hormone that regulates fluid and electrolytes
how to treat inflammation for first 24 hours
ice pack
stabilize joints
palpation def
assessing tissue with hands
goal of bodywork for end stage terminal illness client
provide comfort
an increase in the diameter of the lumen of a blood vessel
knee flexor attached to fibula
biceps femoris
when massaging a large area
shift weight from back foot to forward foot
which is contagious - acne herpes hive psoriasis
allopathic medicine is
westernized technological medicine
net income is
total income received
protraction of scapula is also
rythmic passive ROM causes
parasympathetic response
myocardial infarction is
heart attack
which muscle is palpable directly inferior to the spine of the scapula
during stressful times
your blood pressure- heart rate- ventilation rate increase - digestion stops
a sympatheic response is
a stress response
how to assess a joint or ligament without muslce contraction
passive ROM range of motion
bone infection is
when a client looks for emotional support
encourage client to find the needed support
your major source for client's medical profile comes from
the health history
Green chakra
forced inspiration uses
SCM sternocleidomastoid
proximal attachment of long and short head of biceps brachii
short head - coracoid process; long head - upper rim of glenoid fossa on scapula
what muscle flexes abducts and laterally rotates the hip
chamber of heart reciving blood from pulmonary vein
right atruim
path of blood through heart
VrAVAV lAVA Vena cava - right Atrium - right Ventricle - pulmonary Artery - pulmonary Vein - left Atrium - left Ventricle - Aorta
the Trager Approach is
gentle and rhythmic and relaxing - neuromuscular re-education
which muscle is most accessible when client lies prone - shoulder abducted 90 degrees - forearm hanging freely off table
triceps brachii
domestic violence may result in
PTSD post traumatic stress disorder
deep circular fricition should be avoided posterior to the medial epicondyle of the humerus to prevent compression of
unlar nerve
carpal tunnel syndrome is compression of the
median nerve
deep breathing activates
parasympathetic nervous system
efferent nerves carry signals
away from CNS to effectors such as muscles or glands
efferent nerves are AKA
motor neurons
popliteal fossa is endangerment site for
tibial nerve
client is bitten by dog on ankle - you should
cancel the session and suggest the client go to a hospital
basilic vein endangerment site
antecubital fossa
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