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The hormone that stimulates the uterine lining
The polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is used to
amplify a fragment of DNA
The bonding of two glucose molecules to form a larger molecule requires the
loss of a water molecule (dehydration)
In a developing chick, which membrane surrounds the embryo and keeps it from drying out?
The amnion
Fungi were able to colonize the land along with terrestrial plants because
they were decomposers who could release elements tied up in organic matter that would then be recycled by terestrial plants
Although it is widely misconceived that the product of the Calvin Cycle of photosynthesis is glucose, the three-carbon compound actually synthesized during the Calvin cycle is
glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate (G3P)
Which structure in plants is analagous to the cleavage furrow in animals during mitosis?
cell plate
Genes that are located on the same gene are said to be______________.
What is the area where a freshwater stream meets the ocean?
Which compound is most directly responsible for helping to maintain the moderate temperatures on Earth?
Water- H2O
In which stage of cellular respiration is the most CO2 produced?
The Krebs Cycle
The ocean floor is the _________ zone.
How is the energy from ATP used to drive photosynthesis?
Its dephosphorylation drives the reactions that occur in the Calvin cycle
In animal development, the process by which a three-cell-layer embryo is formed from the blastula is called
Global warming is the accumulation of which of the following gases in the atmosphere?
Which type of plant was responsible for the deposition of large amounts of hydrocarbons that occurred during the Carboniferous period and that we use today as fuel?
Seedless vascular plants
An important component of the vascular system that prevents substances from entering the xylem of a plant stem without passing through a plasma membrane is the
Casparian strip
The relatively shallow region along the edges of continents and islands, which contains the most species of fish, is the ________ zone
The chemical signal that transmits the message between a motor neuron and a muscle cell is
Some enzymes will work only in the presence of a nonprotein molecule called a
The study of the taxonomic groups, made up of an ancestral organism and all the species derived from it
A theory about speciation proposing that new species continue to change throughout their evolutionary history, diverging more and more from a parent species
A theory about speciation proposing that new species change significantly only when they are branching off from a parent species and then remain unchanged for long periods of time
Punctuated Equilibrium
The hormone that stimulates the growth of stems by cell elongation
The area of water above the sea floor is the _______ zone.
The hormone that exists as a gas at room temperature and is dispersed, plant to plant, through the air
The relationship that exists between certain plants of the legume family and the prokaryotic organisms that inhabit their root nodules
What is the "pacemaker" of the heart?
the SA node
The molecule that enters the Krebs cycle during the process of cell respiration is
acetyl CoA
Biological Hierarchy list
1. Biosphere
2. Biome
3. Ecosystem
4. Community
5. Population
When water moves from a liquid form to a gas form, which type of bond is broken?
Hydrogen bond
The fungi are a member of which domain?
Proteins are made up of amino acids that are joined by _________ bonds
The ectoderm, which is one of the three germ layers formed in the process of gastrulation, later becomes which tissue?
The epidermis
The chromosome mutation that occurs when a piece of one chromosome breaks off and joins to a nonhomologous chromosome is known as
The hormone responsible for phototropism and gravitropism in plants
The excretory system that is unique to insects is
Malphigian tubules
The photoreceptor cells of the human retina are
rod cells and cone cells
The tendency of water molecules to stick together is known as
Kingdom Monera
The study of biodiversity and the evolutionary relationships between animals
Used to determine the presence of specific nucleotide sequences in sections of a DNA sample
Southern blotting
Kingdom Fungi
Enzymes speed up chemical reactions by
lowering the activation energy of the reactions
Kingdom Plantae
seed-producing plants
Used to cut DNA in precise locations to make possible the construction of recombinant DNA
restriction enzymes
In oxidative phosphorylation, the final electron acceptor of the electron transport chain is
What supplies the chick embryo with nutrients during development?
the yolk sac
Kingdom Protista
slime molds
Used to quickly make large amounts of DNA fragments without the use of cells
polymerase chain reaction (PCR)
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