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HIPAA regulations require you to keep adult patient records for
6 years
HIPAA regulations require you to keep minor patient records for
until they are 21 or 5 years after the record is made
How long do you have to release patient records to the patient?
24-48 hours
What fees can you charge for providing patient records?
.68 per page- 20.52 preparation fee- and shipping and handling
If the patient doesn’t pay you for the records
you can withhold them - but you can\\\'t withhold them if they owe you for services but pay your record fees .
If you die
your estate must publish a notice in a daily newspaper for two weeks stating the records will be destroyed or transferred
To destroy records
you have to shred or incinerate them
If you violate record keeping law- 4-403 (3) g
you can be charged up to $10K
20-102(f) allows you to
release minor\\\'s health information to parent
How do you report child abuse?
you must report possible child abuse or neglect to local authorities and make an oral and written report of the details
What must a child abuse report contain?
name - age - address of minor patient and guardian - wherabouts - nature and extent - cause - and identity of individuals
who regulates massage therapists?
Maryland department of health & mental hygiene
What\\\'s the name of the regulations?
COMAR: title 10- subtitle 43- et seq.
Scope of regulations?
they don\\\'t regulate anything you\\\'re already approved for by something else
\\\"Massage Therapy\\\" includes
myotherapy- use of cold and heat- & nonlegend topical applications
\\\"Massage Therapy\\\" does not include
diagnosis- treatment of illness disease or injury- chiropractic- or energetic work like reiki or polarity therapy
\\\"Practice massage therapy\\\" means
getting paid
\\\"Practice non-therapeutic massage\\\" means
getting paid outside of a \\\"health care facility\\\"
\\\"Registered massage practitioner\\\" means
registered to \\\"practice non-therapeutic massage\\\"
\\\"registration\\\" proves
you can legally practice non-therapeutic massage
You can practice massage therapy without being registered
as a student - for 30 days (no more than 7 consecutive) if you\\\'re qualified in another state per year - if your application is pending - on a family member - as an athletic trainer - as a govt. employee - as a cosmetologist
Applicants must
be 18 or older - of good morals - complete the application - pay - pass NCE - 500 hours (100 anatomy) - 60 college credits
Certificates issued are valid for no more than
2 years
You have 60 days to provide
proof of passing the NCE
If you move or change names you have to
notify the board within 60 days
you have to display your certificate
conspicuously- even in temporary places
You should get a renewal notice
by first class mail 30 days before current certificate or registration expiry detailing date of exipry and amount of renewal fees
if you don\\\'t get a renewal notice
notify the board at least 15 days before the expiration date
If your registration expires
you can pay a late fee in addition to the renewal fee within 30 days- or reinstatement fee + renewal fee after 30 days
If your registration expired 2 years ago
you have to comply with whatever new laws are in effect- you\\\'re not grandfathered in
You may be place in inactive status
if you pay biennially and complete the application
you may reactivate your certificate
by paying the reactivation fee
If there\\\'s a mistake on your certificate
you can get a free duplicate within 6 weeks - request in writing
if you don\\\'t receive your certificate
within 6 weeks- then let the board know within 4 months from the date of registration - request in writing
If you practice in more than one location
you can get a duplicate certificate - by paying fee and requesting in writing.
Failure to notify board of address change can cost you
\\\"Non bona fide treatement\\\" means
non-terapeutic sexual contact
\\\"Sexually exploitative relationship means
sexual contact within time period during or following therapeutic relationship even if mutually consensual
\\\"therpeutic deception
misrepresentation of sexal conduct as treatment
The certificate or registration is primarily concerned with the
welfare of the client
If you are impaired from practicing
you must seek professional treatment and not practice until accomdations can be made
you shall
report any non -compliance
you cannot descrimitate on the basis of
age gender sexual orientation disability nat. origin religion or race
you must maintain written records of treatment for
at least 5 years after termination of treatment
Ethics violations can cost you
If you are registered but not certified you may not advertise
health-related therapeutic massage
you may NOT advertise
if you\\\'re a visiting pracitioner - pending - or suspended or revoked
Certificate holders shall complete a CEU min of
24 hours in 2 years
the break down of CEU hours is
24 hours - 3 in ethics or jurisprudence - 3 in communicable disease education - 18 hours in massage related courses
You are exempt from CEU requirements if you
are initally certified within 12 months of renewal date - have petitioned for hardship 90 days before renewal date
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