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Circumference(perimeter) of a circle
Circumference = 2 π r
Circumference = π D
Area of a circle
Area (circle) = π r^2
Area of a Parallelogram
Area = b×h
Perimeter of a Parallelogram
p = 2a + 2b
Perimeter of a rectangle
Perimeter = 2L + 2w
Area of a rectangle
area = L * W
Perimeter(p)of a square
p = 4s

s = length of a side
Area (a) of a square
a = s ^2

s = length of a side
Area of a trapezoid
Area = 1/2 h (a + b)
Area of an ellipse
Area = π a b
Volume of a cylinder
Volume = π r^2 h
Surface area of a cylinder
Area(surface) = 2π r^2 + 2πrh

2π r^2 = circles on top or bottom of can
2π rh = surface where "label" on can is on
Volume of a sphere
V = 4/3 π r^3
Surface area of a sphere
Area(surface) = 4π r^2
Volume of a circular cone
V = 1/3 π r^2 h
Lateral surface area of a cone
area(lat) = π r (r^2+h^2)^0.5
Volume of a pyramid
V = 1/3 (L w h)

l = length of base
w = width of base
h = height
Volume of a rectangular solid
Volume = L w h

Think of a rectangular 3 dimensional box
Area of a rectangular solid
area = 2Lw + 2Lh + 2wh

Think of a rectangular 3-dimensional box
Surface area of rectangular solid box without a lid
Area(surface) = Lw + 2Lh + 2wh
Volume of a cube
V = s^3
Perimeter of a trapezoid
Perimeter = add all 4 sides
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