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Which of the following could indicate that someone like Christopher Reeves had not totally severed his spinal cord?
He regained movement in a few muscles in his chest.
The supportive tissue in the nervous system is (are)
Glial Cells
The division of the nervous system that connects body parts with the central nervous system is the
Peripheral Nervous System
The nervous system function that makes conscious decisions possible is the
Integrative Function
The neurolemma is composed of
The membrane of the Schwann cells.
Changes in pressure or movement stimulate
The manner in which an impulse from a sense receptor is perceived depends upon the
Area of the brain stimulated
Sensory receptors for all of the following (heat, light, pain, and touch) adapt to repeated stimulation by sending fewer and fewer impulses, except those for
Receptors for the somatic senses are located in the
all of the above Skin, Muscles, and Joints
Meissner\'s corpuscles and Pacinian corpuscles are sensitive to
Touch and Pressure
The formed elements of blood include all of the following (red and white blood cells and platelets) except
The structure of red blood cells is that of
Bioconcave disks that carry hemoglobin
Which of the following formed elements of blood are essential to gas exchange at tissues
Damaged red blood cells are destroyed by Reticuloendothelial cells called
The heme portion of damaged red blood cells is decomposed first into iron and
The symptoms of an aneurysm that are experienced depend primarily on
Both it\'s size and location
The visceral pericardium is also known as the
The uppermost or most superior part of the heart is the
The largest part of the wall of the heart is the
Purkinje fibers are located beneath the
The structure of the walls of large lymphatic vessels are most similar to the structure of
The largest lymph vessel is the
Thoracic duct
Lymph rejoins the blood and becomes part of the plasma in the
Right and left subclavian veins
Tissue fluid originates from
Blood Plasma
The function(s) of lymph is (are)
Both recapture protein molecules from the capillary bed and transport foreign particles to lymph nodes
Which of the following (nose, bronchi, paranasel sunuses and phalanx) organs is NOT a part of the upper respiratory system
The function of nasal hairs is to
Prevent entry of large particles in inspired air
Paranasal sinuses are found in the
All of the above: Maxillary bone, Frontal bone, Ethmoid bone, and Sphenoid
The function of paranasal sinuses is to
Both reduce the weight of the skull and act as resonant chambers that affect voice quality
Which of the following (tongue, epiglottis, lower folds of the larynx, and lips) structures does not participate in the production of speech
Which of the following comprises the kidney\'s transport system
tubules and pelvis
kidneys are located
posterior to the parietal peritoneum
A series of small elevations that project into the renal pelvis from the substance of the kidney are called
renal papillae
the blood supply to the nephrons of the kidney is via the
afferent arterioles
the vessels used by surgeons to transplant a kidney are
all of the above renal artery renal vein iliac artery and vein
the most important factor in heat-related deaths is
inadequate intake of water
Which of the following statements about fluid and electrolyte balance is true
water and electrolytes occur in compartments in which the composition of fluid varies
which of the following (sodium, bicarbonate, chloride, potassium) electrolytes is most concentrated with in the cell
the highest concentration of protein is found in
intracellular fluid
the most likely cause of net fluid movement is
change in osmotic pressure
Both the male and female reproductive systems
accomplish all of the above produce sex cells, produce hormones that develop and maintain secondary sex characteristics, regulate reproductive physiology
male primary sex organs are the
what cells give rise most commonly to testicular cancer in young men
epithelial cells of seminiferous tubules
which of the following statements about sperm cells is incorrect
the nucleus of sperm cells is located in the head of the sperm and contains 23 pair of chromosomes
which of the following is NOT a function of the epididymis
produce sex hormones
sperm are able to increase their motility by lashing their tails because of the influence of
prostaglandins in semen
fertilization takes place in the
uterine tube
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