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What does the illumination of the SYS ON light mean?
The signal has been sent to release the oxygen mask doors.
Does this mean that the masks have all deployed?
No, some may have to be deployed manually
What causes automatic deployment of the masks?
Cabin altitude reaching appoximately 14000 feet
How does the passenger oxygen systm work?
Chemical Oxygen generators for approximately 15 minutes.
What happens when a pilot pushes the CREW SUPPLY PB?
Valve opens to supply low pressure crew oxygen.
Why is the GND CTL PB selected to ON during preflight?
To record preflight activities in the cockpit.
If the PB was not selected ON, how would the system work in automatic mode?
-ON for 5 minutes after electrical power is supplied to the aircraft.
-At least one engine is operating, stops 5 min after last engine shut down.
What allows the cabin PA's to be recorded?
ACP 3 PA volume knob out and in the 12 o'clock position
What is the significance to the red Fault illuminating on the RAT & EMER GEN light?
AC BUS1 and AC BUS2 are lost and the RAT is not supplying electrical power
When would it normally illuminate?
During the 8-second RAT deployment
How can the RAT be deployed?
Manually by pushing MAN ON or RAT MAN ON, or Automatically by the loss of both AC BUS1 and AC BUS2.
What does the RAT supply?
Blue hydraulic system and the emergency electrical generator.
What buses are powered by the emergency electrical generator?
-AC ESS and AC ESS Shed
-DC ESS and DC ESS Shed
What is the difference between automatic RAT deployment and RAT deployed by pressing the RAT MAN ON on the HYD panel?
RAT MAN ON supplies Blue Hydraulic PSI only, no electrical generator
After deploying the RAT by pressing the RAT MAN ON pushbutton on the HYD panel and it became neccessary to also extract electrical power, how can it be accomplished?
by pressing the MAN ON pushbutton on the EMER ELEC PWR.
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