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Even + Even =
Odd + Odd =
Odd + Even =
Even x Even =
Even x Odd=
Odd x Odd=
If R is an odd integer, what are the next two consecutive odd integers?
R+2, R+4
The first ten prime numbers are:
2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, 29
A percent can be determined by:
dividing the part by the total and multiplying it by 100

EX: If Wendy missed 12 out of 80 examination questions, what is the percent of questions she missed?   Percent = missed questions  x 100 =  12/80  x  100 = 0.15 x 100 = 15%
Change the fraction 1/5 into a percent
First, change the fraction 1/5 into the decimal 0.2, and multiply by 100 (move the decimal 2 places to the right).  Therefore:   1/5 x 100 = 20%
What is 20% of 50?
X = 0.20 x 50   Keep in mind that to change the percent to a decimal, and that the word “of” means that you should multiply.   X = 10
5 is what percent of 2?

Rewrite this as an algebraic equation.  5 = n × 2 Solve for n and remember to change the answer to a percent. n = 5/2 = 2.5 = 250%
Of the following numbers, which is a both a perfect square and a perfect cube?

A. 4 B. 8 C. 9 D. 16 E. 64   Note: the answer is (E)
Solve for x: (x - 3)2 = 49.
You could use algebra and take the square root of both sides or since 49 is a perfect square you could guess integers for x. Just remember x -3 must be positive or negative.   If you try guessing, the integers 10 and -4 work. To get an algebra solution, do the following:   (x - 3)2 = 49 x - 3 = 7 or x - 3 = -7 x = 10 or x = -4
None of the following should ever occur with roots:
1. No perfect square can be left underneath a radical (square root) sign. 2. No radical can be within the denominator. 3. No fractions may occur within the radical sign.
Five things to remember when solving averages:
1. If a number that is the same as the average is added, the new average will not change. 2. If a number is added and it is less than the average, the average will decrease. 3. If a number is added and it is greater than the average, the average will increase. 4. If a pair of numbers are added, and they are “balanced” on both sides of the average, the arithmetic mean is the middle value. 5. To discover the average between two evenly spaced numbers, add the first and the last terms and divide them by 2.
1 is in the hundreds place
2 is in the tens place
3 is in the units place
4 is in the tenths place
5 is in the hundredths place
6 is in the thousandths place
The rules of zero
1. zero has no sign
2. zero is an even number
3. any number multiplied by zero is zero
4. zero divided by any number is zero
5. zero can never be the denominator of a fraction
The product of a positive off number, a negative even number, and a negative odd number will be
a positive even number
For remainders...
Exponent rules
-A number raised to the second power is deemed squared
-A number raised to the third power is deemed cubed
-Any number raised to the power of one equals the number itself
-Any number raised to the power of zero, except zero, equals one.
To multiply powers of the same base...
add the exponents.

To divide powers of the same base...
subtract the exponent
To raise a power to a power...
multiply the exponents
Sum of angles=
(n-2) 180, where n is equal to the number of sides and angles
Volume of a rectangle=
length x width x height
Perimeter of a rectangle=
2(length) + 2(width)
Area if a rectangle=
length x width
To calculate the surface area of an object...
simply determine the area of each side and then add them up.
To find the surface area of a cube...
multiply the area of one side by six.
Circumference of a circle=
π(diameter) or 2π (radius)
Area of a sector
(measure of the arc/360) x area
Area of a circle=
π(radius squared)
Length of an arc
(measure of the arc/360) x circumference
Volume of a cylinder
height x (area of base)
If the perimeter of a square is 16 cm, what is its area, in square cm?
16 cm
the number of desired outcomes
the number of possible outcomes
When n is divided by 14, the remaining is 10. What is the remainder when n is divided by 7?
a) 2
b) 3
c) 4
d) 5
e) 6

You have to pick a number for n. The easiest strategy is to pick n=24 (because 14+10=24). Now, try your number out: 24 / 7= 3 r. 3. Thus, the answer is (b).
Four years from now, Ray will be twice as old as his sister will be then. If Ray is now R years old, how many years old is his sister now?
a) r-4/ 2
b) r-4
c) r+4/ 2
d) r-2
e) 2r-4

Ray is 10 years old, so in 4 years, he'll be 14, which means his sister will be 7 years old then. Because she'll be 7 in 4 years, that means she must be 3 years old now. The correct answer is (a).
Rate =
distance/ time
amount/ time
John drives from his house to a beach 150 miles away, and at the end of the day drives home. If he drives at an average of 50 miles per hour, how long does the round trip take?

A: 3 hours 
B: 2 hours 
C: 6 hours 
D: 5 hours
C. The trip will be 300 miles in total. Divide the total distance by the speed in miles per hour to determine the duration of the trip.
If 4x + 10 = 34, then x - 4 = 
A: 4 
B: 7 
C: 10 
D: 2
D. Solve the first equation for x, and then substitute the value in the second equation.
What is the slope of 3x + 4y = 24? 
A: -3/4 
B: 6 
C: 3/4 
D: -8
A. The equation for slope is y = mx + b, in which m is slope.
A line segment containing the points (0, 0) and (12, 6) also contains:  
A: (6,4) 
B: (2,4) 
C: (8, 4) 
D: (1,0)
C. The line will have an x-intercept of zero and a slope of 2, so it will pass through points in which the x-coordinate is twice as much as the y-coordinate.
If a cube has a volume of 64, the perimeter of one face of the cube is: 
A: 8 
B: 32 
C: 4  
D: 16
D. In a cube, the length, width, and height will be the same, and so they will be the cube root of 64, or 4. Each side, then, will be a square with both length and width of four, and so the perimeter will be 16 for each side.
If y = 6x + 4 and 6x + 8 = 44, then y =  
A: 46  
B: 28 
C: 22 
D: 40
D. Solve the second equation for x, and then substitute the value for x into the first equation.
Slope of a line=
___ = change in y coordinates
run     change in x coordinates
Two polygons are similar if...
Their ratios correspond
Positive slope
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