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Another name for cell membrane
plasma membrane
what is the correct order of the body from simple to complex?
atom, cellular, tissue, organ, organism
the correct listing of the 3 body planes are
sagittal, transverse, frontal
what 2 systems communicate to control body functions?
nervous system and endocrine system
Hypertonic solution is
more solute outside cell than in
hypotonic is
more solute inside cell than outside
isotonic is
equal amount of solute inside and outside
mitosis is
the process through which cells reproduce through division
meiosis is
the formation of egg nucleus
the stages of mitosis are
prophase, metaphase, anaphase and telephase
cytokenisis is
the division of cell cytoplasm
the stages of a cell cycle are
interphase, meiosis, mitosis, cell differentiation, and cell death
what are the four main kinds of tissue in the body
epithelial, connective, muscle, and nerves
vascular means
a rich blood supply
avascular means
poor blood supply
the integumentary system is
the skin and appendages
homeostasis is
the body works to keep itself in balance or relative constancy
which system is fast acting?
nervous system
which system is slow acting?
the endocrine system
the circulatory system consists of
cardiovascular system and the lymphatic system
superior means
toward the head=cephalic
inferior means
towards the feet=caudal
anterior means
in front of=ventral
posterior means
in back of=dorsal
medial means
towards the midline of the body
lateral means
away from the midline of the body
proximal means
toward or near the trunk
distal means
away from the trunk
superficial means
near the surface/skin
deep means
furthest away from the surface/skin
the axial skeleton conisists of how many bones?
the appendicular skeleton consists how many bones?
the upper right abdominal quadrant contains what?
the upper left abdominal quadrant contains what?
spleen and stomach
the lower right abdominal quadrant contains what?
the lower left abdominal quadrant contains what?
descending colon
what is an organelle?
little organs or structure within the cytoplasm
what are the kinds of organelles?
endoplasmic reticulum or ER, ribosome, Golgi apparatus, mitochondrial, lysosomes, peroxisomes, centrioles, cillia and flagella
what are the two types of diffusion?
osmosis and filtration
what are the 3 types of ATP?
phagocytosis pinocytosis and permease
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