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Describe the composition of nucleic acids
Nucleic acids DNA and RNA are polymer molecules that consist of monomers called nucleotides.
A nucleotide consists of three components
  • nitrogen (containing base)
  • pentose sugar
  • phosphate
Outline the basic composition of DNA and RNA
Nitrogen bases
Pentose (five carbon) sugars
Phosphate group
Nitrogen bases: pyrimidines are C, T and U. Purines are A and G
DNA is made up of C, T, A and G mitrogen bases
RNA is made up of C, U G and A nitrogen bases
Pentose (five carbon) sugars:
In RNA is always Ribose
In DNA is always deoxyribose (no O on carbon 2
Describe the nature and importance of bonding that occurs between base pairs in nucleic acids
Many nucleotides are joined together by phosphodiester bonds to form a long chain molecule called a nucleic acid
Describe the structure of ATP, its importance in biological systems and how its structure relates to its function
ATP is a nucleotide which is important on its own
It acts as an energy transferring molecule in cells
It is the energy currency of all our bodies
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