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what is soft tissue injury?
damage to muscle, ligaments and tendons.

most occurs during playtime, sport activities
what is the immediate treatment for soft tissue injury?
-apply cold treatment
-increase ROM when strength is equal to oppiste extremities of injury ones
what is crush injury?
when something ready heavy falls on the body.
what is the treatment for soft tissue injuries?
during first few minutes up to 12 hrs. RICE or ICES
what is sprains?
trauma to the joint, the ligament is partially or completely torned, damage to nerves and muscles
what is strain?
miscropic tears, caused pain, edema
what is the common s&s for pt who has fractures?
edema, tenderness, pain, deofrmities, brusies, decreased perfusion to the injuried site
what the the therapy goals for treatment of fractures?
  1. regain alignment
  2. retain alignment
  3. restore function
  4. prevention of infection
what is the nursing considerations for care of cast?
  1. requires 72 hr for case to dry
  2. air dry, not use of heat
  3. turn q 2 hr allow cast to dry evenly
  4. hot spot may indicates infections
  5. elevation need
  6. neurovascular checks
  7. check for bloody secretions
what is the test for DDH?
Postive ortolani and barlow maneuvear

Allis' sign
what is the signs for DDH?
limited abduction of the affected hip, asymmetry of the gluteal and thigh fat folds, and telescoping of the thigh
what is the treatment for DDH?
Pavilik Harness ( a shirt should be wear under this to prevent skin irritation)
what is kyphosis?
convex look, outward curve of the spine.
what is lordosis?
concave look, inward curve of the spine
when is the lordosis consider normal?
during pregnancy and toddlerhood
what is osteomyelitis?
inflammation of the bone, usually caused by strap or strep
what is the signs for osteomyletis?
pain, tenderness, redness, decreased ROM, increased temp and WBC, area is warm to tuch
what is the DX test for Osteomyelitis?
CBC, WBC count, ESR, C-reactive protein.
what is the treatment period for patient who has osteomyelitis?
antibiotics for 3 to 6 weeks, increase hydration, increase nutrition
what is the first sign of Duchene muscular dystrophy?
effects in respiratory system.
what is the clinical manifestation for patient who has muscular dystrophy?
enlargement in claf muscle, diffculty when change to standing position, cannot climb stairs.
what is the methods that Muscular dystrophy patient use to raise themselves to a standing position?
Gowers's Manever, their leg muscles with muscular dystrophy are too weak
what is osteogenesis imperfecta?
excessive fractures and bone deformity..
suspected for child abuse furst
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