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1. Short - term goals can generally be completed in:
b. one year
2. A personal plan that will help you decide what you want out of life is called:
c. goal setting
3. Long - term goals are measured in larger sections of time, usually:
a. 5 to 10 years
4. Making a list of tasks to complete from host to least important is called:
c. prioritizing
5. The principles of good character are called:
b. ethics
6. Using discretion means:
a. and b. not sharing your personal problems with clients and not repeating personal information clients have shared.
7. Being tactful means being straightforward but not:
c. critical
8. A combination of understanding, empathy, and acceptance is called:
a. sensitivity
9. That which propels you to do something is called:
d. motivation
10. An unhealthy compulsion to do things perfectly is called:
a. perfectionism
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