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"In business communications conciseness_________"
is desirable as long as it isn't at the expense of completeness.
Good business writing flows naturally like spoken language. To strike the right tone for any message it is important that you
use an active voice
"During a presentation it is usually a good idea to summarize the key points"
just before launching into the body of the presentation and then once again during the closing segment of the presentation.
"Cheryl is presenting the new payroll system to the managers of her company. She was unable to reserve the large conference room so she scheduled the presentation for the cafeteria
Physical barriers that are likely to create noise.
Jason was having even more trouble than usual concentrating on his economics professor's lecture because the classroom was too hot and the chair he was sitting in was uncomfortable. The heat and uncomfortable chare are both ______ barriers to communication
______ mean(s) delivering a message in a vibrant way that is compelling to the audience
Dynamic delivery
A key to dynamic delivery is to
"vary your voice, expressions, and body language
In the US ________ individuals tend to experience ______ more often than other age groups
Older; age bias
A(n) _______ is the communication channel with the highest level of channel richness and is used to deliver comples and individualized messages.
face-to-face meeting
"An instructor watched the reactions of various students while she lectured on a topic. One student was doodling another was text messaging on his cell phone and another looked as if she were making out her grocery list. Although frustrated by her observations
there is a significan gap between the rate at which people listen and the rate at which they think.
"As president of Tiger Air Cargo Inc. Mack Denaro needs to communicate complex messages to a variety of people located in multiple offices around the country and on a regular basis.  The communication channel which should be utilized is:
video conferencing
"Listening is a critical factor but yet many have a hard time completely engaging in active listening. The primary reason for this lack of engagement stems from: "
the fact that people listen at a rate of 125 to 250 words per minute, but think at about 1000 to 3000 words per minute.
"______ uses state of the art equipment to provide people in a variety of locations the opportunity to participate interactively in a presentation while providing a high degree of channel richness"
Video conferencing
People tend to ______ people who have good listening skills
tell more to
"In American culture older people ten to experience ______much more than younger people despite specific federal legislation outlawing this type of behavior"
age bias
All of the following suggestions will normally improve the effectiveness of your communications EXCEPT
using the passive voice extensively
"Benny's Bumpers is incorporated in Ohio but also conducts business in Florida. Benny's Bumpers is a ______ in Ohio but is a ______ in Florida."
domestic corporation, foreign corporation
"In an acquisition the firm being purchased is the ______and the firm which is purchasing the other firm is the _____."
target firm; acquiring firm
A key advantage of a corporation is that
the owners maintain limited liability
One reason a firm would consider a _____merger would be to increase size and market power in its industry
The majority of businesses today are formed as ______
sole propietorships
An advantage of the C corporation as a form of ownership is: ______
the limited liability of the owners
"Successful franchisors are particularly vigilant in avoiding the _____ a situation where the behavior of an incompetent or irresponsible franchisee harms the reputation of the franchisor and other franchisees. "
negative halo effect
"For the franchisee the advantages of a franchise arrangement often includes: "
less risk and easier access to funding
"Compared to a sole proprietorship an advantage of a general partnership is that it is"
able to take advantage of complementary skills and shared workload.
"Tim, Bob and Sal want to start a rehabbing business.  Each wants to take an active role in managing their company while also protecting their personal assets from unlimited liability.  They are like to find that forming ______ will meet their needs.
Limited liability company
A(n) ______ merger is the combination of two or more firms in unrelated industries.
"Basil Pappas spent his youth working in the restaurants of several of his close relatives. Now he wants to venture into his own business and has decided that he will open his own restaurant. Basil needs more money than he can come up with on his own so he plans to ask his two brothers to put up some money in exchange for a share of ownership.  Such an arrangement means that the company CANNOT be formed as a
sole proprietorship
A ______ is a form of business ownership that is considered to be separate from its owners or stockholders
"As an artificial person a(n) ______ can legally engage in almost any business activity a natural person can, including owning property, entering into binding contracts, and initiate legal actions.
A key advantage of a sole proprietorship is that: ______
it is easy and inexpensive to form this type of business.
"Marco Valez is comparing forms of business structure in order to make the best decision for the business he plans to form next month. He is convinced that the company will be profitable so he wants to keep all of the after-tax earnings for himself. Which of the following forms of business ownership is Marco likely to choose. "
sole proprietorship
The _____ allows all partners to participate in management while also offering them limited liability.
Limited liability partnership.
People with a(n) _____ have a strong sense of personal responsibility for what happens in their lives
internal locus of control
Entrepreneurs who find new solutions to old problems and develop new products that people didn't even realize they needed are said to have _______
"Senator Foghorne is running for re-election. One of his political proposals is the enactment of new legislation that will provide American workers who are laid off with much higher unemployement compensation and will guarantee those benefits for a full year. If enacted Senator Foghorne's proposal is likely to ______ "
have a negative impact on entrepreneurship rates.
Which of the following is not a significant drawback of getting into business by entering into a franchise arrangement?
Franchising is generally considered to be the riskiest option for starting abusiness.
______ are companies that invest in start-up business with high growth potential in exchange for an ownership stake.
Venture capital firms
"_____ are people willing to take the risk of starting owning and operating a business."
Overhead costs for small businesses
"are often lower than they are for big companies, giving small businesses a competitive opportunity.
A(n) ______ is a formal document that describes a business concept and outlines the core business objectives while detailing the strategies and timelines for achieving those objectives.
business plan
"Michael Peters is a middle-aged professional who lost his job five months ago when his former employer downsized. He's been actively looking for work at all of the nearby companies but he hasn't been able to find a job job that truly uses his talents or abilities -- or that offers an income anywhere close to what he earned in his previous position. He is beginning to feel that the only way to survivie in his current situation is to start his own business. Michael might well become a(n) "
necessity entrpreneur
"Kerry Higgins believes his efforts will not have much impact feels buffeted by forces such as luck and that he does not maintain control over his own destiny. Harry has a: "
strong external locus of control
_____ are local offices affiliated with Small Business Administration that provides comprehensive management assistnace to current and prospective small business owners.
Small Business Development Centers
A Business plan should include all of the following topics EXCEPT
a detailed description of the firm's contingency plans
The primary reasons people become entrepreneurs include all of of the following EXCEPT the desire to
achieve an external locus of control
_____ provide funds to small businesses with high growth potential in exchange for a share of ownership in the company
Venture Capitalists
______ are wealthy individuals who invest in new and growing firms
Angel investors
Which of the following is an actual competitive disadvantage for many small businesses?
lack of business knowledge and expertise by the owners
The majority of new small business owners rely heavily on _____ to finance their start-ups.
"personal sources, including family, friends, and credit cards
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