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Anterior Deltoid (O)
o-Lateral third of clavicle
Anterior Deltoid (I)
i-deltoid tuberosity
Anterior Deltoid (A)
a-shoulder abduction, flexion, medial rotation, and horizontal adduction
Anterior Deltoid (N)
n-axillary nerves (C5,C6)
Middle Deltoid (O)
o-acromion process
Middle Deltoid (I)
i-deltoid tuberosity
Middle Deltoid (A)
a-shoulder abduction
Middle Deltoid (N)
n-axillary nerves (C5,C6)
Posterior Deltoid (O)
o-spine of scapula
Posterior Deltoid (I)
i-deltoid tuberosity
Posterior Deltoid (A)
a-shoulder abduction, extension, hyperextension, lateral rotation, horizontal abduction
Posterior Deltoid (N)
n-axillary nerves (C5,C6)
Pectoralis Major (Clavicular Portion) (O)
o-medial third of clavicle
Pectoralis Major (Clavicular Portion) (I)
i-lateral lip of biciptal groove of humerus
Pectoralis Major (Clavicular Portion) (A)
a-shoulder flexion, first 60 degrees
Pectoralis Major (Sternal Portion) (O)
o-sternum, costal cartilage of first 6 ribs
Pectoralis Major (Sternal Portion) (I)
i-lateral lip of biciptal groove of humerus
Pectoralis Major (Sternal Portion) (A)
a-shoulder extension, first 60 degrees (from 180-120)
Pectoralis Major (A)
a-shoulder adduction, medial rotation, and horizontal adduction
Pectoralis Major (N)
n-lateral and medial pectoral nerve (C5-8, T1)
Latissimus Dorsi (O)
o-spinous processes of T7-L5, posteroir surface of sacrum, iliac crest, and lower three ribs
Latissimus Dorsi (I)
i-medial floor of bicipital groove of humerus
Latissimus Dorsi (A)
a-shoulder extension, adduction, medial rotation, and hyperextension
Latissimus Dorsi (N)
n-thoracodorsal nerve (C6-C8)
Teres Major (O)
o-axillary border of scapula near the inferior angle
Teres Major (I)
i-crest below lesser tubercle inferior to the latissimus dorsi muscle attachment
Teres Major (A)
a-shoulder extension, adduction and medial rotation
Teres Major (N)
n-lower subscapular nerve (C5-C7)
Supraspinatus (O)
o-Supraspinous fossa of the scapula
Supraspinatus (I)
i-greater tubercle of the humerus
Supraspinatus (A)
a-shoulder abduction
Supraspinatus (N)
n-suprascapular nerve (C5, C6)
Infraspinatus (O)
o-infraspinous fossa of scapula
Infraspinatus (I)
i-greater tubercle of humerus
Infraspinatus (A)
a-shoulder lateral rotation, horizontal abduction
Infraspinatus (N)
n-suprascapular nerve (C5,C6)
Teres Minor (O)
o-axillary boder of scapula
Teres Minor (I)
i-greater tubercle of humerus
Teres Minor (A)
a-shoulder lateral rotation, horizontal abduction
Teres Minor (N)
n-axillary nerve (C5,C6)
Subscapularis (O)
o-subscapular fossa
Subscapularis (I)
i-lesser tubercle of the humerus
Subscapularis (A)
a-shoulder medial rotation
Subscapularis (N)
n-upper and lower subscapular nerve (C5,C6)
Coracobrachialis (O)
o-coracoid porcess of the scapula`
Coracobrachialis (I)
i-medial surface fo the humerus near the midpoint
Coracobrachialis (A)
a-stabilizes the shoulder joint
Coracobrachialis (N)
n-musculocutaneous nerve (C6,C7)
Force Couple of the Shoulder Joint-
Deltoid and Rotator Cuff Muscles (SITS)
Supraspinatus Infraspinatus Teres Minor Subscapularis
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