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command-line interface (CLI)
An interface that enables the user to interact with the operating system by entering commands and optional arguments.
Secure Shell (SSH)
A TCP/IP application layer protocol that supports terminal emulation between a client and server, using dynamic key exchange and encryption to keep the communications private.
enable mode
A part of the Cisto IOS CLI in which the user can use the most powerful and potentially disruptive commands on a router or switch, including the ability to then reach configuration mode and reconfigure the router.
user mode
A mode of the user interface to a router or switch in which the user can type only nondisruptive EXEC commands, generally just to look at the current status, but not to change any operational settings.
configuration mode
A part of the Cisco IOS Software CLI in which the user can type configuration commands that are then added to the eevice's currently used configuration file (running-config).
startup-config file
In Cisco IOS switches and routers, the name of the file that resides in NVRAM memory, holding the device's configuration that will be loaded into RAM as the running-config file when the device is next reloaded or powered on.
running-config file
In Cisco IOS swithces and routers, the name of the file that resides in RAM memory, holding the device's currently used configuration.
setup mode
An option on Cisco IOS switches and routers that prompts the user for basic configuration information, resulting in new running-config and startup-config files.
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