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When creating a site link, you can configure it to use which of the following protocols?
b, RPC over IP or SMTP
What is the Active Directory component that contains a reference to all objects within Active Directory called?
d, Global Catalog
Which of the following roles is a forest wide FSMO role?
c, Schema Master
To which port does the _gc SRV record listen?
c, TCP 3268
You are the administrator of an Active Directory forest that contains a forest root domain with three child domains. How many of each FSMO does this forest contain?
c, 1 Domain Naming Master, 1 Schema Master, 4 PDC Emulators, 4 Infrastructure Masters, 4 RID Masters
The Schema Master FSMO for your forest will be taken offline for a few hours so that your hardware vendor can replace the motherboard of the server. To allow you clients to continue to log in, what is the minimum that you need to do?
c, do nothing
You are a member of the Domain Admins group of a child domain on an Active Directory network. You have an application that requires you to configure an application directory partition, but you find that you are unable to do so. What could be preventing you from creating an application directory partition in your domain?
b, You must be a member of the Schema Admins group to create an application directory partition.
The RID Master FSMO distributes RIDs to domain controllers in increments of ___.
c, 500
You are logging on to an Active Directory child domain from a workstation running Windows Vista Business. By default, where will this workstation look to synchronize its clock with the domain?
a, The PDC Emulator for the child domain.
ach object’s SID consists of two components: the domain portion and the ___.
c, relative identifier
You can view and manage the PDC Emulator FSMO role holder using which utility?
a, Active Directory Users and Computers
Which special identity group controls anonymous access to resources in Windows Server 2008?
d, Anonymous Logon
What defines the types of objects that can belong to a particular group and the types of resources that group can be used to secure?
a, group scope
What technique is used to configure one security group as a member of another security group?
b, group nesting
The Administrator and Guest user accounts are examples of:
c, Built-in user accounts
Which command-line tool can be used to create various object types within Active Directory?
c, dsad
Which input file format allows you to create, modify, and delete objects within Active Directory?
a, LDAP Data Interchange Format (LDIF)
Which group type allows you to assign permissions to resources as well as receive messages via Active Directory-enabled email applications such as Microsoft Exchange?
d, security group
Which group scope can contain users and groups from any domain within an Active Directory forest, but can be used only to secure resources located within the same domain as the group itself?
c, Domain local group
Which account type is configured on an Active Directory domain controller and can be used to grant access to resources on any domain-joined computer?
c, Domain account
What can be used to run script files using VBScript or JScript from the Windows desktop or from a command prompt?
b, Window Scripting Host (WSH)
Which interface allows you to grant limited permissions within Active Directory to individual users or groups to adhere to a principle of least privilege in administering Active Directory?
b, Delegation of Control Wizard
Which program allows you to use the Secondary Logon service to launch individual programs and utilities using administrative privileges?
a, Runas
Which command-line utility can be used to move an Active Directory object from one container to another?
c, Dsmove
What is a numeric or alphanumeric character sequence that you enter with a smart card to access a server or other Active Directory resource?
a, Personal Identification Number
What is a password that has sufficient length and complexity to make it difficult for a hacker or other malicious user to hack?
c, Strong password
Which service enables you to use the runas command-line utility?
b, Secondary Logon
What is the recommended method for moving Active Directory objects from one domain to another?
c, Active Directory Migration Tool (ADMT)
Which password-cracking attack functions by attempting every possible combination of alphanumeric characters until it finds a match?
b, Dictionary attack
What is a new GUI option in Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista that allows you to launch a specific application using elevated privileges?
c, Run as Administrator
With a username, what is needed to access network resources in a default Active Directory environment?
a, Password
What is the process of applying a Group Policy Object to a particular container, such as a site, domain, or an organizational unit?
a, Linking
Which folder stores policy settings, such as security settings and script files?
Which technique allows you to specify individual users or groups within a container who should or should not receive the settings configured in a particular GPO?
b, Security group filtering
Which utility is used to edit the settings contained in an individual Active Directory Group Policy Object? 
a, Group Policy Management Editor
What is a new feature in Windows Server 2008 that allows you to configure a GPO “pattern” that you can use to create additions GPOs beginning with the same settings in the pattern?
c, starter GPO
Which type of GPO processing requires that each GPO must be read and applied completely before the next policy can be processed?
a, Synchronous processing
Which GPO setting automates the process of presenting user files from a network folder rather than an individual user’s desktop, thus making them accessible from anywhere on the network?
c, folder redirection
Which file extension identifies Administrative templates in Windows Server 2008?
Which feature, new to Windows Server 2008, allows you to install workstation operating systems and software in an enterprise environment?
c, Windows Deployment Services (WDS)
What is the single location within the SYSVOL share where ADMX files can be stored?
a, Central Store
What type of object would you create to enable multiple password policies within a Windows Server 2008 domain?
c, PasswordSettingsObject
Which configration item has a default value of 90 minutes for workstations and member servers, with a random offset of 0 to 30 minutes to optimize network performance?
b, refresh interval
To determine which users are accessing resources on a particular member server in an Active directory domain, which event type would you audit?
a, Account logon event
Monitoring a system such as Active Directory for the success and/or failure of specific user actions is called
a, auditing.
Which audit category includes events such as server startup and shutdown, time changes, and clearing the security log within the Windows Event Viewer?
c, System Events
Which feature allows you to control how much space a user can take on a particular hard drive volume, configrable via Group Policy?
a, Disk quota
To prevent users from re-using a certain number of network passwords, what can you configure as part of a domain-wide policy or as part of a Fine-Grained Password Policy?
d, Enforce password history
A PasswordSettingsObject (PSO) within Active Directory is also known as which type of object?
b, msDS-PasswordSettings
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