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51.) The agency that enforces safety and health standards in the workplace is
52.) A disinfectant that meets regulatory agency requirements for destroying bacteria, fungi, and viruses is
bacterial, fungicidal, and virucidal
53.) A disinfectant used in salons should be appropriate and have the correct
54.) A salon implement that accidentally comes in contact with blood or body fluids should be cleaned and
completely immersed in an EPA-registered disinfectant
55.) Any items that cannot be disinfected after use on a client must be
56.) Common, very safe, and useful types of disinfectant that contain sophisticated blends that work to disinfect implements in 10 to 15 minutes are:
quaternary ammonium compounds
57.) Disinfectant with a high pH that can cause skin irritation or burn the skin or eyes are:
phenolic disinfectants
58.) To be effective in the disinfection of implements, ethyl alcohol must be no less than
70 percent
59.) A common household product used effectively as a disinfectant is
sodium hypochlorite
60.) When mixing a disinfectant solution, add disinfectant to water and
mix according to the manufacturer's exact directions
61.) To avoid contaminating implements, remove from a disinfectant solution using
tongs, basket, or gloves
62.) Store a clean, disinfected implement in
a clear, dry container
63.) How often must individual towels and linens be set aside to be laundered?
after use on a client
64.) The contact points of equipment that cannot be immersed in liquid solutions should be cleaned and disinfected using a:
regulatory oversight agency approved disinfectant
65.) At the end of the day, the disinfection procedure for a foot spa should include removing and cleaning the screen, washing the screen and inlet with soap and water, and totally immersing the screen in an approved disinfectant according to manufacturers' directions and:
flushing the system with low-sudsing soap and warm water for 10 minutes, rinsing, draining, and letting air-dry
66.) Every week, foot spas should be cleaning following the daily procedure and filling with:
a disinfectant solution and left at least 6 to 10 hours, then drained and flushed.
67.) Any disposable material used in cleaning blood spills should be:
placed in double bags before disposing or placed in a container for contaminated waste
68.) The first step in the decontamination process is called
69.) When using liquid soap, scrub your hands and lather for at least
20 minutes
70.) The use of bar soap is prohibited in most salons because bar soaps
grow bacteria
71.) Which of these is a danger of using antibacterial soaps?
they may promote the growth of resistant strains
72.) Antiseptics are effective for:
sanitizing the hands
73.) The agency that sets the standard for dealing with bloodborne pathogens is:
74.) Universal precautions require employees to assume that human blood and body fluids are infectious for:
bloodborne pathogens
75.) A client that is infected with Hepatitis B or other bloodborne pathogens and shows no symptoms or signs of infection is:
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