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Which two layers of the OSI model have the same functions as the TCP/IP model Network Access Layer? (Choose two.) Network Transport Physical Data Link Session
*Physical *Data Link
What is a primary function of the trailer information added by the data link layer encapsulation? 1 - supports error detection 2 - ensures ordered arrival of data 3 - provides delivery to correct destination 4 - identifies the devices on the local network assists intermediary devices with processing and path selection
* supports error detection
During the encapsulation process, what occurs at the data link layer? 1- No address is added. 2- The logical address is added. 3- The physical address is added. 4- The process port number is added.
* The physical address is added.
What device is considered an intermediary device?

  1. file server

  2. IP phone

  3. laptop
  4. printer
  5. switch
* switch
Which layer encapsulates the segment into packets?

  1. physical

  2. data link

  3. network
  4. transport
* data link
Which statements correctly identify the role of intermediary devices in the network? (Choose three.) 1 - determine pathways for data

2- initiate data communications

3- retime and retransmit data signals

4- originate the flow of data

5- manage data flows

6- final termination point for data flow
* determine pathways for data

* retime and retransmit data * manage data flows  
What can be identified by examining the network layer header?

  1. the destination device on the local media

  2. the path to use to reach the destination host

  3. the bits that will be transferred over the media
  4. the source application or process creating the data
* the path to use to reach the destination host
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