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1.) Electricity is described as a form of:
2.) The flow of electricity along a conductor is called an:
electric current
3.) Metals used in electric wiring and motors are materials that are considered good electricity:
4.) Electric wires are usually covered with a rubber substance that is used as an insulator or:
5.) The path of electricity from the generating source through conductors and black to the original source is called a:
complete circuit
6.) Electric current that is constant, even-flowing and travels in one direction is:
direct current
7.) The device that changes direct current to alternating current is a:
8.) A rapid and interrupted current that flows in one direction then in the opposite direction is:
alternating current
9.) The unit that measures the pressure or force that pushes the flow of electrons through a conductor is a:
10.) The unit that measures the amount of electric current is an:
11.) The current that is used for facial and scalp treatments is measured in:
12.) The unit that measures how much electric energy is being used in one second is a:
13.) The device that prevents excessive current from passing through a curcuit is a:
14.) A switch that automatically interrupts or shuts off an electric current at the first indicaton of an overload is a:
circuit breaker
15.) An important way of promoting electrical safety is the principle of:
16.) An applicator that is used for directing the electric current from the machine to the client's skin is called an:
17.) The positive electrode of an electrotherapy device is called an:
18.) The negative electrode of an electrotherapy device is called a:
19.) The most commonly used modality that is a constant and direct current is:
galvanic current
20.) The process of introducing water-soluble products into the skin with the use of electric current is called:
21.) A process that forces liquids into the tissues from the negative toward the positive pole is called:
22.) A thermal or heat-producting current with a high rate of oscillation that is used for scalp and facial treatments is:
Tesla current
23.) Visible light, the part of the electromagnetic radiation spectrum that we can see, makes up what percentage of natural sunlight?
35 percent
24.) The long wavelenths that penetrate the deepest and produce the most heat are:
infrared rays
25.) To avoid damage to the eyes of a client or practitioner when using light therapy treatments, the eyes should be protected with saturated cotton pads or:
safety goggles
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