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1.) A normal healthy nail is firm and flexible is firm and flexible and should be:
smooth and unspotted
2.) A nail disorder is classified as a condition that is caused by:
injury or disease
3.) If a client has skin that is infected, inflamed, or swollen, the client should be referred to:
a physician
4.) A condition of the nails in which blood clots form under the nail plate is:
bruised nails
5.) When performing nail services on a client with nail ridges running vertically down the nail plate, it is recommended that the technician:
carefully buff the nail plate
6.) A common nail condition where living skin around the nail splits due to dryness of the skin is:
7.) A localized area of increased pigment cells within the matrix bed is responsible for the nail condition:
8.) A common term used to describe a nail with a highly curved nail plate is:
plicatured nail
9.) An abnormal nail condition that is the result of damage to the eponychium or hyponychium and occurs when skin is stretched by the nail plate is:
nail pterygium
10.) Parasites that under some conditions may cause infection to the feet and hands are:
11.) Nail fungi are of concern to the salon because they can be transmitted through unsanitary implements and are:
12.) A term that should not be used when referring to infections of the fingernails or toenails is:
13.) To prevent fungal organisms on the nail, in addition to the sanitation and disenfection of implements, the technician must properly:
clean and prepare the natural nail plate
14.) A typical bacterial infection on the nail plate can be identified in the early stages as a:
yello-green spot on the nail
15.) To avoid the spread of any nail diseases or bacterial infections, it is imperative that the technician use:
strict sanitation and disinfection practices
16.) The lifing of the nail plate from the bed without shedding is a nail disease called:
17.) A bacterial inflammation surrounding the nail tissue that may be the result of excessive exposure to water is:
18.) The medical term for fungal infections associated with the feet is:
tinea pedi
19.) The technical term used to describe bitten nails is:
20.) The naturally occuring skin bacteria that grow out of control and cause an infection if conditions are correct is:
pseudomonas aeruginosa
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